Kingdom of Michrenia

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Kingdom of Michrenia
Coat of arms
Motto: Never Give Up
Anthem: Unknown
File:Pennsylvania, USA
and largest city
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentAbsolute monarchy
• King
Mikaila I
EstablishmentMarch 27th, 2013
• Census
CurrencyUltamian Katane
Time zoneEST (UTC-5)
Preceded by
Republic of Ultamiya

The Kingdom of Michrenia was a micronation located in Pennsylvania. Founded on March 27, 2013, Michrenia was, from May 30, 2012, a district of the Republic of Ultamiya, to which it is a successor state. At its height, Michrenia had an area of 49,708 square feet and a population of 30. Mikaila, who was the 2nd Vice President of the Republic of Ultamiya, was its King. Michrenia borrowed many elements of Ultamian culture, most notably its currency.

The name Michrenia was derived from the names of the two most influential people in the nation, Mikaila and Reiniya.


The area which would eventually become known as Michrenia was an unofficial base for the Ultamian Army of the Republic ever since the King and his sister joined the military in May 2011. Mikaila himself referred to the area as "Fort Vitakria" in reference to the older Fort Manhalia, which him and the President of Ultamiya, David, had previously occupied on March 20, 2010 prior to the founding of the Republic. In reality, however, the residence was not of any military importance or areal significance due to its distance from other territories, and so was ignored by the Ultamian government.

By the spring of 2012, the activities concerning the two individuals had been increasingly close regarding the country. Not only did Mikaila help produce the 1000 Katane denomination in February, he also volunteered to help with the Aerial Forces, proposed a Series 2012 Katane, and served with the President on missions in all three districts. When coming back from such a trip to Fort Manhalia Military District on May 30, Mikaila proposed to David that his residence be made a district. Surprisingly, David agreed, and the two set out to draft a Territorial Application form for the admittance of new districts or territories.

Mikaila filled out Michrenia, the name being proposed by David, with himself as viceroy and signed. David then signed himself, securing for the Republic a fourth district. Four months and a week later, on October 7, the Ultamian flag was raised at Michrenia as part of the Closer Together project. Mikaila gave Major General Reiniya the position of Viceroy upon his selection as Vice President of the Republic. Three months later, with the announcement of the dissolution of Ultamiya, Mikaila chose to found a successor state with Michrenia; on March 27, Michrenia became an independent kingdom. It quickly claimed both Fort Manhalia Military District and Shimate, which were submitted to joint control with the Kingdom of Varina on April 6 upon the founding of their military alliance, the Fort Manhalia Command.

Michrenia peacefully went into inactivity by the end of 2013.


Michrenia occupied an area of 49,708 square feet between its territories. The capital was filled with fences and structures, and for this reason one of its two backyards was only accessible via the neighboring house to the Michrenian capitol.

Michrenia, the capital, was slightly higher in elevation than the proximate areas in the sector.


Michrenia was a highly military-based state; it is highly-armed with both Airsoft and Nerf weaponry. In Ultamiya, it was the first district to have commissioned Airsoft weaponry, even though at that time it was not yet a district. Michrenia's military makes up the bulk of the armed forces under the control of the Fort Manhalia Command.

Often times, King Mikaila (as Viceroy/Vice President) would visit Varina with Michrenian Airsoft in tow, a practice which existed since before the founding of Ultamian Michrenia. The first military exercise of the Fort Manhalia Command, occurring on April 8, 2013, was conducted in this fashion.

A larger portion of Michrenia's military action was directed at a colonial territory known as Fort Tortasia, which was the scene of heavy fighting during most of 2013. Michrenian commander Masimilian Logiya, who by Mikaila's words was "handpicked because of his honesty and bravery", gained a significant amount of clout and prestige in directing the Kingdom's forces there.

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