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City of Shimate
  • Dual-Protectorate of Shimate
    (6/20/2010 - 8/4/2010)

    District of Shimate
    (8/4/2010 - 3/27/2013)

    Michrenian-controlled Shimate
    (3/27/2013 - )

    Varinian-controlled Shimate
    (4/6/2013 - )

Motto: Unknown
Pennsylvania, USA
FoundedJune 20th 2010 (as DP)
August 4th, 2010 (as District)
Area10,238 square feet
ViceroyKaterina Regina

Shimate (pronounced "SHEE-mah-tay") was a city and district of the Republic of Ultamiya, and later jointly controlled by the Kingdom of Michrenia and the Kingdom of Varina. It was the smallest district of the Republic of Ultamiya other than Gogania during that's nation's lifetime. Founded on June 20, 2010 but not becoming an official district until August 4, it was the most tranquil corner of the Republic. Shimate was the only district which has never been threatened by attack, and was the only one to have an unclear boundary.


Prior to Ultamiya's founding, the house in which Shimate was based became a major station of to-be generals Mikaila and Reiniya, who frequented the house as a second base of operations. On March 20, 2010, when Mikaila's birthday party was held there, Reiniya and Mikaila's friend Yakoba hatched a plan to invade Fort Manhalia, which never came about and led to Ultamian control of the fort.

Shimate was first thought of on June 20, when the President, David, was on a trip to the house. Noting that they might be on board with Ultamiya, he asked them if they approved of becoming a dual-protectorate. Agreeing with him, he then officially approved Shimate as a dual-protectorate. Then, on August 4, it became an official district along with Fort Manhalia.

Shimate remained politically quiet throughout its existence, though with the occasional gathering and practice session of the UAR. The only major event it participated in was the Closer Together project, in which a fabric flag was hung inside its borders on October 7, 2012. The flag was brought to the Capital again on March 14, 2013. On March 14, 2013, the day before the announcement of the dissolution of Ultamiya, the fabric flag was found on the ground. It and the pole were picked up and brought back to the Capital District. On the 27th, when it dissolved, the Kingdom of Michrenia quickly organized the re-annexation of Shimate into its domain. It was then agreed by the governments of Michrenia and the Kingdom of Varina to jointly control the city.


Shimate was the lowest area in the Ultamian Sector by about 20 feet. Shimate directly bordered a hill (The Capital District technically did also, however it was separated from said hill by a fence).


The area Shimate occupied was mostly grass-covered, and grew fruit such as apples and mulberries, which were both harvested. There was also a space for gardening which is used by the neighboring house. Cabbage was one vegetable often grown in this space.

It was said that one reason Shimate was founded was because of its bountiful fruit trees.


In the official tour video, the President commented that "Shimate is Ultamiya's agricutural district" even though the Capital District actually grew much more food than Shimate did. The video description noted this, however he could have just been comparing Shimate to Fort Manhalia rather than the Capital.

Shimate was just a generic Secret language-sounding word that the President came up with. It has no actual meaning whatsoever.

In Michrenia, Shimate was colloquially known as Katia City.

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