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Varina Flowers.png
Flowers in Varina.

City of the Kingdom of Varina
Motto: Caput agri
(English: The Capital of the Field)
SW Pennsylvania, USA
Founded March 27th 2010 (as Ultima, Ultamiya)
March 31st 2013 (as Varina)
Population 4
Area 18,987 square feet
King David I

The city of Varina is the capital of the Kingdom of Varina. Varina was originally founded on March 27th, 2010 as the city of Ultima, the Capital District of the Republic of Ultamiya. Serving that nation for three years, the Capital District was the heart of Ultamiya and the majority of events to take place inside Ultamiya occurred in it. After the dissolution of Ultamiya, it spent four days in anarchy before it was reestablished as Varina.

Ultamian history

Independence and April

The Capital District was fully laid out in the Declaration of Independence, in short covering four yards as well as the Government House, where the presidential family (and only population of Ultima) lives.

On the morning of March 27th, 2010, the first Ultamian paper flag was hung there, though it was blown down the next day following a cleaning project undertaken by the President, David Salapa, that morning.

The air and space test conducted on the 1st of April was done in two places in the Capital District.

The first Ultamian flag on March 28th, 2010.

Role in the Stravasite-Ultamian War

Though not much happened within the Capital District during the actual war, aside from the second flag being blown down repeatedly and finally snapping, it was the source of weapons used to defend Fort Munhall from Stravasalter, which proved to be decisive in winning the war for Ultamiya. A computer in the Capital District kept Ultamians updated on war events and the like before crashing around mid-April.

Establishment of the Mint

After the upgrade to Windows 7 (from XP), the Government House of Ultamiya became the central bank and mint for the Ultamian Katane, released on April 22nd. It has since been the printer of all Ultamian banknotes and coins, and has since updated the Katane design and printing process, both of which occurred in the first quarter of 2011.

May, summer, autumn and the Pimpville War

Compared to April, May was not as active, however the Ultamian Constitution was first drafted there on May 15th, and the First Fabric Flag was hung on May 16th.

Summer was a rather inactive time for Ultamiya, with the flag finished and the Constitution in place, the only thing left to do was finish the currency, which it was on June 23rd with the minting of the 500 Katane. It was also around the end of June that the Capital received an actual name, Ultima, which before then it was just known as "Capital District". Otherwise, it was generally peaceful.

September was also a tranquil month, with the only thing major happening being the debut of the now-defunct Ultamian Legislative Council. However, October presented a great threat to the Capital as the Garden Nation was the closest nation to the Capital, having just declared war on Ultamiya, along with Pimpville, on October 20th. The day after, they surrendered conditionally and all major threats to the Capital District were eliminated.


Following the Pimpville War, many projects went underway, including the redo of the Katane and the building of the Katyusha Wall system, a temporary decoration cutting the district nearly in two. However, the real shock came when, on March 10th, the fabric flag was torn in two. Though taped back together, it fell again on April 5th, and was retired for good. During this time, the first National Day celebrations were held in the Capital to great success.

The District of Minaka began construction via the Capital District's dining room computer on June 16th, and continued on-and-off into the end of July 2012.

In August, the Capital District became a testing ground for the now-decommissioned M555AF airsoft pistol.

2012 and 2013

The Capital saw a very quiet first three months of 2012, with the debut of a second fabric flag on March 26th, and an unfortunate flubbing of the national anthem the next day in National Day celebrations.[1] Starting in Spring 2012, the Capital became the spot of frequent training sessions by the Ultamian Army of the Republic; one of these, on September 22nd, resulted in a minor incident.[2] Also in September, the final denominations of the Series 2011 Katane were produced in the form of 5, 10, 25, and 50 Taneda bills (via the 2012 Taneda Conversion Act).

Ultamiya made its switch to the WordPress domain here in 2013, and also issued the Series 2013 Katane. (whole denominations only)

Varinian history

After the collapse of Ultamiya, the Capital quietly returned to the United States, until, four days later, on March 31st, 2013, Varina was established. The city was quickly restored to activity, with a flag, celebrations, and a small military parade. A week later, on April 8th, the Fort Munhall Command's first military exercise was done in Varina.[3]

On April 16th, the National Bank of Varina was established, and began producing the country's new currency, the Varinian Florin.

Notable locations

Palace of Varina

The Government House is an impenetrable fortress with only two entrances, which will only be pierced by an Airsoft-wielding force, and then it's unlikely anything will happen before they fail.

David Salapa on the Government House

The Palace of Varina, also known as the Government House, is the residence of the royal family. It was constructed in 1920. Nearly all Ultamian Government actions took place here, with the President (now King) editing, uploading, downloading, or printing nearly all Ultamian pictures, videos, articles, and money.

The Government House was never attacked or even threatened by any outside nation or individual. Thus, it could be said that the Capital District was most likely the safest district in Ultamiya.

After the founding of Varina, the Government House was christened a Palace.

John's Square

John's Square on April 16th, 2013.
A rainbow over John's Square after a summer thunderstorm.

John's Square is a very historic structure in Varina. Occupying most of the land behind the palace, it was constructed in 2000 and has since hosted every micronational celebration and flag in the area. John's Square was named such on March 27th, 2010 in an unreleased tour video.

There existes a pool behind the Square which was used to test water weaponry. It and the Square itself are expecting to be revamped this coming summer.


During its time as the Capital District, Varina was, on average, the second-highest of the four districts in elevation. It was the only one which had a road running through it (an alley), which further signified the District's importance. However, the District did not cover the whole road (from the street, the alley was in first the United States, then Ultamiya, and then United States territory once more). Varina still claims this section of the road.

Point Echon on March 22nd, 2011.

Varina's highest natural point is Point Echon (1000 ft above sea level), though the highest readily accessible point outside is John's Square, which seems to match Point Echon.


The borders of Varina. The star represents Point Echon, and John's Square is circled.

The Capital District was the only one of Ultamiya's five with fully predefined boundaries, and these, which were outlined in the Ultamian declaration of independence, are still used today as Varina's. Firstly, a fence running along the Palace is a border. Another fence at the far side of the alley is a second. The bush line at the far end represents a third, and the sides of the houses are the final side.


Varina is mostly grass, however significant portions of the Palace plot are used to grow vegetables and herbs. In Ultamiya, more food was produced in the Capital than Fort Munhall Military District and Shimate combined. Tomatoes, onions, peppers, zucchini, various herbs, and strawberries make up the annual produce.


There exists in Varina a gravel driveway which, in the unreleased tour video of the Capital, was going to be made a national monument named the "Rock Pillars". Today, it remains undeveloped.

Samples of the Ultamian Katane were occasionally distributed in the Capital to American citizens living next door from the Government House and one of their relatives, who was confirmed to be an Ultamian citizen in the summer of 2011. The family that lived next door to the Government House moved out in December 2011.

Two cars have their parking stations inside Varina's borders.

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