Stravasite-Ultamian War

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Stravasite-Ultamian War
DateApril 2nd, 2010 - April 14th, 2010
Result Ultamian victory
Republic of Ultamiya Republic of Stravasalter
Commanders and leaders
David I of Varina Unknown
1 1

The Stravasite-Ultamian War was a conflict that took place from April 2, 2010, to April 14, 2010. The war was the first to feature the Republic of Ultamiya, and, despite the apparent fictional or joke nature of the Republic of Stravasalter, was labeled as a serious conflict throughout the existence of the Ultamian Sector. The Stravasite-Ultamian War was the only conflict in which the Ultamiya News website, founded only five days before, played a major hand, providing Ultamian citizens with news updates and even keeping track of the war on the main page. Because Ultamiya was not yet inducted into the MicroWiki community during this time, the Republic was completely on its own, and during the duration of the war kept a great eye on its territory of Fort Manhalia (to become Fort Manhalia Military District), and experimented with more technologically advanced weaponry as well as toy explosives.

Military details


Ultamiya was founded on March 27, 2010 with a large arsenal of Nerf weaponry and various other non-firing guns. (All weapons commissioned March 27, 2010 were in the arsenal during the course of the war.) The President, the only member of the Ultamian army at this point, would be able to utilize any part of this arsenal to defeat Stravasalter. In addition, the army could establish communication with the Capital District at any time via cell phone, and the general battle prowess of the President provided Ultamiya a significant advantage.


As a seemingly joke nation, Stravasalter never had an official army. As not much was or is known about it, there was no way to tell whether anything about the country was ever established during the war. The one de facto troop that battled had a non-firing gun on him that countered against the Ultamian defense, which, likewise, had no firing weaponry.

Course of events

On April 2, 2010, a picture of an Ultamian flag[1] was commented on by an unregistered user named "That Guy From ATF"[2] who posted the following:

"I spit on that flag! It is horrible! And the Republic of Stravasalter declares war!"

— "That Guy From ATF"

Upon seeing the declaration of war, Ultamian President David, who had not even served a week, replied:

"Like we are going to recognize your declaration *brushes hair aside*"

— David in response to the declaration, 9:14 PM

The Battle of Fort Manhalia

The next day, David headed an expedition to secure the Fort Manhalia area, which was acquired by Ultamiya upon its foundation, in case of attack by enemy forces. The reason, as stated by the President himself, was to protect the Capital District, from assault via Fort Manhalia. The expedition brought three guns, none of which fired actual projectiles, and camped on the fort before, at approximately 11:20, a toddler entered, brought out a gun, and began ascending the fort. Ultamiya was the first to open fire after threats from the toddler of killing the defending force. By 11:30, the Battle of Fort Manhalia, or, at least, some semblance of a battle, had begun in earnest.

By 12:15, two other children had entered the park. Despite pressure from Ultamiya to help repel Stravasalter, these kids just continued observing the battle. However, by 12:30, the toddler from Stravasalter retreated from the park.

The Ultamian Infantry camped for a bit longer before leaving at around 1:20 PM.

Rest of the war

Over the next week and a half, Ultamiya kept a close eye on Fort Manhalia pending another attack, however scientific developments continued at home. Through the first week, the army produced a wooden-bayoneted shotgun, and a couple egg grenades with magnetic balls inside. When thrown, these grenades would break open and spread the balls around the general area. However, these eggs were fragile and broke after a few uses.

Ultamiya News played a large hand, too. For the first half of April, an entire page was devoted to the war, and the main page kept tabs on the amount of battles won by each side. News stories were produced every five days or so about Stravasalter and battles in general. However, no more battles were ever fought, and on the 14th of April, the President declared the war over.

References and notes

  1. Ultamiya News, "Fifth Attempt". March 31st, 2010.
  2. ATF, or the Arcade Trainer Forum, played a major part in the early history of Ultamiya; the President held Moderator status there until December 19th, 2011.

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