Ultamian Act System

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The Ultamian Act System was the process by which the Government of Ultamiya issued legislation. The UAS was inaugurated on March 1, 2011 with the signing of the 2011 Neutrality Act. All Ultamian acts were considered official and in operation once all necessary signatories applied their signatures; who signed depended on the type of act. For most documents, only the President's signature was necessary, but acts in specific areas might have required a Minister, a Viceroy, or a General to sign in addition. Six acts were signed throughout the nation's existence, an average of two per year, though most declarations were made by executive order.

Neutrality Act

The 2011 Neutrality Act was formulated in response to the micronational community's views on warfare. Since September 2010, Ultamiya had not gone a day without some form of war. President David, who had to direct these masses of cold wars, retired his former "Direct National Security" policy and issued this act. The Act provided for a three-month blank period in which Ultamiya would automatically be declared neutral in any conflict, political and military, and cease offensive weapons production. Though the Hicks War briefly interrupted the peace in mid-May, the conflict was classified as a defensive war and immediately following the Battles of the Field, the government ceased any war activity until after the act expired.

Katane Regulation Act

The 2011 Katane Regulation Act was signed on June 5, 2011 due to the Republic of Serius adopting the Ultamian Katane after the collapse of its own currency. The Act designated the Ultamian government the final say in who gets to use the Katane. It also prevented other banks from printing Katane. While much care was put into preserving the Katane's value (1 UKA = 2 USD) Serius dropped the Katane after its conversion to the Republic of Sakasaria, making the act moot. The 2011 KRA was the first act to be signed by a Minister, in this case the Minister of Finance.

Air Force Act

The 2012 Air Force Act, signed on February 21, 2012, established the Aerial Forces of the Ultamian Republic under the command of Marshal Mikaila. While still around, it is inactive and no planes are currently in the service of the UAR. It is the only act to have a provision repealed; such provision called for air hangars at both Ultima and Shimate composing of fifty planes each. The Act is said to have been made in response to a Pimpvillian threat, but interest in the division dropped sharply after the end of February.

Army Ranks and Management Act

The 2012 Army Ranks and Management Act was signed on April 5, 2012 and provides ranks and insignia for non-officers of the UAR. Officer ranks had been designed previously by the President. This act also repealed the hundred plane provision of the previous.

Taneda Conversion Act

The 2012 Taneda Conversion Act was signed on September 14, 2012 and converts the Taneda denominations of the Katane into bill format. It also introduced the t5 denomination. While these bills, which featured a slightly modified reverse, were all printed in 2012, they are considered part of the Series 2011 Katane. Additionally, the act officiates the dimensions of the Taneda bills.

Online Citizen Act

The 2013 Online Citizen Act, signed on January 18, 2013, presided over the switch of Ultamiya News, the country's media outlet, from Webs to WordPress. All citizenships were made void and the governmental standard of "Original Citizenship", whereby a citizen of another micronation could not become an Ultamian citizen, was officially made into law.