Hicks War

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Hicks War
From top left, clockwise: Dustin Henderson defending Fort Munhall during Second Field; the Blacksmith, a weapon used by Andrew Hicks during Second Field; Andrew Hicks charging Fort Munhall during Second Field; and the conclusion of First Field.
Date May 16th, 2011 - September 10th, 2011
Location Fort Munhall Military District and around
Result Ultamian victory
Ceasefire declared 9/10
Better flag ultamiya.png Republic of Ultamiya Noflag.png Hicks Insurgency
Better flag ultamiya.png His Lordship, David Salapa Noflag.png A. Hicks

Ultamiya Military Flag.png Ultamian Army of the Republic:

Other Combatants:

  • Noflag.png B. Petermen
  • Noflag.png G. Petermen
  • Noflag.png C. Petermen
  • Noflag.png D. Henderson
  • Noflag.png A. Hicks
  • Noflag.png F. Feuerstein
  • Noflag.png R. Feuerstein
Injuries and losses
1 2
Names in italics were de facto part but never participated.

The Hicks War was a series of military conflicts in an around Fort Munhall Military District in the Republic of Ultamiya between the Ultamian military and the Hicks Insurgency, which was directed by Andrew. The war revolved around the First and Second Battles of the Field, the only real battles of the war, both of which Ultamiya won. 3 different people were injured, though minor, making the war the costliest in Ultamian history in terms of both ammunition and personally.


Ultamian President David Salapa would usually travel to FMMD on nice evenings just as a fun excursion, however his trips would usually result in a meeting of some sort. Hicks and some of his friends appeared at the Fort once on May 16th, and it looked like an ordinary encounter.

First Field

Main article: First Battle of the Field

However, his friends, the Petermen trio, were awed by the devastating power of the Ultamian XRanger 2000, and began to turn against Hicks. He then took the initiative and battled the trio and Salapa, engaging in melee combat the youngest of the three, C., while dodging Ranger fire from Salapa at the top of the Fort. Chased out by the four, he then returned, circling around and occupying Fort Munhall. He was chased down, but then attempted charge after charge. He was shot with the Ranger twice, and though G. bruised her ankle, the Ultamian army kept up the fire and soon he was surrounded at the top of the Fort and forced to surrender.

Second Field

Main article: Second Battle of the Field

Hicks returned on May 20th, engaging again with Salapa and D. Henderson, this time with two Feuersteins, F. and R., behind him. Originally occupying Fort Munhall, they were pounded by devastating Ranger fire from below and could not return any significant defense. R. left first, followed by Andrew as he was trying to outmaneuver Salapa, but that led to the occupying of the Fort by Salapa, chasing F. down. R. surrendered, but F. and Andrew kept up fire and charges, putting massive pressure. However F. slowed and Salapa was able to engage in a massive melee struggle with Andrew, who was always deflected. F. tried a charge and was hit in the eye by a piece of Ranger bullet, and surrendered. Andrew kept up the fight, but was eventually driven to surrender by persistent Maverick fire by Henderson and melee battling with Salapa, first on the Fort but then fleeing eastward toward the U.S. border.

A follow-up to Second Field occurred the next day, on May 21st, 2011, in the "Battle of Cam Ping" as Salapa called it, a play on false prophet Harold Camping's last name, since May 21st was his predicted Rapture date. Hicks and Salapa were both by themselves, though, and a lot of the time the two were present, they talked about Online Games, interrupting actual combat. Also, Nerf was used much more than either sticks or the Ranger, and by the end of the evening, the encounter had degenerated into the two shooting darts back and forth.


Salapa did not see Hicks again the entire summer. However, it was reported by Lieutenant General Michael Salapa[1] to the President that he drove off Hicks in a quick encounter on June 17th, so the threat of the Insurgency appeared to persist. However, this claim was abruptly disproven on July 8th, when the LG had appeared to mistake A. Votedian, a brother of Garden Republic President Adam, for Hicks.[2]


Hicks was not seen anywhere until September 10th, during a chance encounter with Salapa at Ron's Barber Shop, a tailor close to the Capital District. Salapa recorded that Hicks "did not remember any of the events of this last May."[3] However, he negotiated a ceasefire instead with Hicks' mother, who was de facto the diplomatic leadership of the Insurgency, ending the conflict.

References and notes

  1. On June 18th, the President and the Lieutenant General met at an Eat'n Park by chance. Michael said that he sent in one of his "best men", who might have been one of his friends, to take care of "Hicks". This person is now most probably Andrew Votedian.
  2. When Andrew and his younger brother, Ben, entered the park, Michael shouted "HICKS!" meaning that he might have had mistaken him multiple times in the past.
  3. Ultamiya News, "Hicks War Concluded; Ceasefire Announced". September 10th, 2011.

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