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Second Battle of the Field

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Second Battle of the Field
Part of the Hicks War
Hicks and F. Feuerstein preparing to launch an attack on Fort Munhall and Ultamian defenders.
Date May 20th, 2011
Location Fort Munhall Military District
Result Ultamian victory
Better flag ultamiya.png Republic of Ultamiya Noflag.png Hicks Insurgency
Better flag ultamiya.png His Lordship, David Salapa Noflag.png A. Hicks
  • Noflag.png A. Hicks
  • Noflag.png F. Feuerstein
  • Noflag.png R. Feuerstein
Injuries and losses
0 1

The Second Battle of the Field was the second battle of the Hicks War and the Hicks Fort Munhall Campaign. It lasted just under an hour, from about 6:20 to 7:10 PM on May 20th, 2011 in Fort Munhall Military District, Ultamiya. Second Field was arguably a closer battle, as much more melee attacking was used and more action occurred on Fort Munhall itself, but eventually the Ultamians emerged victorious as one by one the Hicks members surrendered.


David Salapa entered Fort Munhall at about 6:00 PM with three other people there. About 20 minutes later, Hicks entered the district with four or five other people. After a heated discussion between them and Salapa on top of Fort Munhall, Salapa left, leaving his weapons other than the Ranger behind. For the first ten minutes, not much happened outside of some potshots as younger children were running around, however once they were off on their own Hicks and the Feuersteins were left on Fort Munhall with Salapa launching volley after volley at their fortifications.

Back to the Fort

While R., F., and Hicks were on top of the Fort, a younger boy, D., approached David wanting to help him. David agreed, but told him to stay back while he shot upwards. R. quickly left while Hicks and F. stayed up. F. launched Nerf darts back, but David continued to respond with accurate Ranger fire. Unexpectedly, Hicks slid out of the Fort, which left it nearly undefended while F. was quickly running out of ammunition. Seeing his chance, David charged up and routed her from the Fort.


R. then surrendered, however the tide of battle then turned against David as F., with the Maverick, and Hicks with sticks were now launching attacks at him. David himself was hit a few times by Nerf fire when trying to counterattack, because the Ranger was beginning to malfunction. However, F. lost her rate of fire while Hicks charged up countless times only to be turned back by David's courageous melee combat. Though his Stonewall Sword was much shorter than Hicks' weapons, he was able to defend very well and be able to outmaneuver the attacks to strike Hicks.
Hicks ready to charge against Ultamian defenders.

Final minutes

F. then began charging up, mainly to collect her ammo, when a Ranger shotgun blast hit her in the eye. She quickly got off and then surrendered. Now Hicks was the only one remaining. He kept climbing the Fort to continue to be turned back. D. eventually got a hold of the Maverick, though by this time the Ranger was out of ammo. Hicks then began to throw heavy sticks, but they were of no use and were returned heavily. He fled to an area away from the Fort, and David and D. followed. He then attacked in melee both of them, which were successful in driving them back, but the tide was turned heavily against him, and by 7:10, he was tired of fighting and surrendered.

Weapons used

  • XRanger 2000
  • Maverick REV-6
  • Stonewall Sword
  • Numerous melee and throwing sticks

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