Ultamian Insurgencies

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The Ultamian Insurgencies refers to a series of four conflicts in and around Fort Manhalia Military District between 2010 and 2013. Combined, they represent the only military action that occurred in the Ultamian Sector.


Fort Manhalia became an unofficial territory of Ultamiya at its foundation on March 27, 2010. It was common for excursions to occur between the capital, Ultima (later Varina), and Fort Manhalia - almost always the President (later King) by himself. This resulted in several engagements with varying degrees of intensity and seriousness.

Battle of Stravasalter (April 3, 2010)

Also known as the Battle of Fort Manhalia, this battle occurred a day after an online declaration of war from the 'Republic of Stravasalter', which by comtemporary consensus either did not exist or, if it did, was only for a short time. The next morning, while stationed at Fort Manhalia, the President encountered a toddler who began to charge the fort with a non-functioning weapon. The President, who was also armed with non-functioning weapons, traded 'shots' with the individual for a short period of time, before he left the area. Although more of a display than an actual battle, it was at the time considered an Ultamian victory, and enough for the President to declare the war over on April 14.

First Battle of the Field (May 16, 2011)

This battle erupted during a military excursion to Fort Manhalia when the Hikiya Insurgency briefly occupied part of the district. Present along with the President and Hikiya was the Petreima trio, who were awed by the devastating power of the Ultamian XRanger 2000 and fought alongside the President. Hikiya took the initiative and battled the trio and David, engaging in melee combat the youngest of the three, C., while dodging Ranger fire from David at the top of the Fort. Chased out by the four, he then returned, circling around and occupying Fort Manhalia. He was chased down, but then attempted charge after charge. He was shot with the Ranger twice, and though G. bruised her ankle, the Ultamian army kept up the fire and soon he was surrounded at the top of the Fort and forced to surrender.

Second Battle of the Field (May 20, 2011)

Hikiya returned on May 20, engaging again with David and D. Henderiya, this time with two Foirastas, F. and R., behind him. Originally occupying Fort Manhalia, they were pounded by devastating Ranger fire from below and could not return any significant defense. R. left first, followed by Hikiya as he was trying to outmaneuver David, but that led to the occupying of the Fort by David, chasing F. down. R. surrendered, but F. and Hikiya kept up fire and charges, putting massive pressure. However F. slowed and David was able to engage in a massive melee struggle with Hikiya, who was always deflected. F. tried a charge and was hit in the eye by a piece of Ranger bullet, and surrendered. Hikiya kept up the fight, but was eventually driven to surrender by persistent Maverick fire by Henderiya and melee battling with David, first on the Fort but then fleeing eastward toward the boundary of the district.

Skirmish of the Ides (May 15, 2013)

The only battle fought by Ultamiya's successor nations, it involved the Hikiya Insurgency and the Fort Manhalia Command in primarily melee-based action with some long ranged shelling. The Skirmish lasted slightly over an hour and resulted in no casualties, and represented the final combat at Fort Manhalia before the deactivation of the Ultamian Sector.

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