First Battle of the Field

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First Battle of the Field
Part of the Ultamian Insurgencies
DateMay 16th, 2011
Result Ultamian victory
Republic of Ultamiya Hikiya Insurgency
Commanders and leaders
David I of Varina A. Hikiya



  • A. Hikiya

The First Battle of the Field was the second battle of the Ultamian Insurgencies, and the first of two which occurred between the Hikiya Insurgency and the Ultamian Army of the Republic at Fort Manhalia Military District in the Republic of Ultamiya, on May 16, 2011. The battle was fought during one of the President's evening trips to Fort Manhalia, but did not really start until A. Hikiya appeared in the district.


At about 5:20 PM, David left for Fort Manhalia, taking with him three weapons, the XRanger 2000, a Maverick REV-6, and a shortsword. He found three siblings playing basketball, but at first ignored them and took his place on top of the Fort. When they came over to investigate his weapons, he started discussion with them, and eventually they allowed him to test the XRanger with them.

Entrance of the Insurgency

About 20 minutes following the initial entry, Hikiya entered the district and the other three directed David's fire towards him. He then grabbed a stick. C., the youngest of the three Petreimas, also grabbed a stick and fought with him at the Open Field while David kept up covering fire. Taunted by Hikiya, he, G. and B. made their way to the Field also. Soon he was chased out of the gate facing the road to the Capital District.

Fight back in

Hikiya appeared to retreat, however when David and C. checked over, he was found to be hiding on the ground. He retreated further, though to always come back. Eventually he was trapped behind a car with David's XRanger being held at him. He then made a surprise maneuver, going around to the front gate and up into the Fort. He was chased up, but then fell back down.

"Around and trapped"

Hikiya then spent well into the 6:00 PM hour just going around the fort, dodging Maverick and Ranger fire. One shock came when G. fell down a circular staircase, bruising her ankle. She later appeared to be fine.

Continuing to circle the fort, Hikiya was hit twice with the Ranger; once in the head and once in the chest. At 6:30 PM, he finally attempted to storm up the fort, only to be greeted with stick and Ranger fire. He then climbed in the tallest slide and firing ceased about 2 minutes later.

Weapons used

  • XRanger 2000 (Note that this is the first time the Ranger has been used in real battle)
  • Maverick REV-6
  • Stonewall Sword
  • Numerous melee and throwing sticks

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