Skirmish of the Ides

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Skirmish of the Ides
Part of the Ultamian Insurgencies
DateMay 15th, 2013
Result Indecisive
Flag of Michrenia.png Kingdom of Michrenia
Flag of Varina.png Kingdom of Varina
Noflag.png Hikiya Insurgency
Commanders and leaders
Flag of Michrenia.png Mikaila I Noflag.png A. Hikiya



  • Noflag.png A. Hikiya
  • Noflag.png S.

The Skirmish of the Ides was a minor battle between the Fort Manhalia Command and the Hikiya Insurgency that occurred on May 15, 2013 in Fort Manhalia Military District. The battle began somewhere within the 7:00 PM hour when forces from the Kingdom of Michrenia encountered the Insurgency and was forced to defend the fort from the attackers. Varinian forces were summoned at approximately 7:45 PM to supply weapons and men, and the combined defense managed to hold the Insurgency off long enough to keep hold of the fort. The battle itself was rather uneventful and resulted in no injuries.

Order of events

Michrenian forces were stationed at the fort when Hikiya and a female assistant appeared. Mikaila I, who recognized Hikiya, immediately began forming defenses. By 7:30, the two sides were at battle, though it is not known exactly what happened. A distress signal was sent out to Varina asking for men and supplies, and by 7:50 David I had appeared at the fort with several arms. Hikiya and S., who were in the Open Field, were avoided by David as he made his way around to Fort Manhalia proper, giving Mikaila the Raider and keeping the Longshot for himself. Mikaila began firing on the two insurgents, and David made his way up to the top of the fort under fire with throwing sticks.

Mikaila then left the fort with the sword, and charged into the Open Field to combat the insurgents. While David attempted to support, the majority of the next forty minutes comprised of him and S. fighting in melee combat. When this finished, David took over while Mikaila tried to find Hikiya, who by this time was outside the fence boundary of the district. Very shortly, David, who had talked with S. the day before, managed to cease the combat between them and Mikaila, shortly thereafter, persuaded the girl to join their side. Hikiya, seeing the unbalanced combat, decided to leave entirely. At 8:40 PM, David left leaving Mikaila and S., who had founded her own nation, Calinenia.

Weapons used

  • Vendetta Sword
  • Raider CS-35
  • Longshot CS-6
  • Numerous melee and throwing sticks

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