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Trashball is the national sport of the Empire of Gogania and one of the most popular sports in the Ultamian Sector. While it is a simple game, it is rather difficult and requires a lot of concentration. Trashball gets its name from the most important item in the game, a trash can, which serves as the goal bucket.


A game of Trashball requires a path of flat land, at least twenty feet long and at least three feet wide. Once the path is cleared, a trash can (without a garbage bag) is placed at one end of the path, and the players are given a ball about the size of their palm.

Traditionally, Trashball cans are circular, but any garbage can can be used to increase or decrease the difficulty. Additionally, different balls and different distances from the can may also alter the difficulty.


Most games of Trashball are one-on-one matches. The first person throws the ball five times, attempting to score by landing the ball inside the can. A rebounder, generally the person who will face the victor in the next game, sits beside the can to gather balls that fail to make it inside the can. After the first person has thrown five times, the second person receives five shots. The game ends when the second person's score supersedes the first's, or they do not make as many points as the first. If the players tie, a tiebreaker match is declared, and each player receives three shots. The same rules apply; if one person makes more baskets than the other, they win the match. If the players tie, the tiebreaker is repeated twice, and from then on sudden death matches are declared with one shot each.

Once the match ends, the victor plays the next match with the rebounder.


2-on-2 is a popular variant of the standard game in which the players of each team take turns throwing the ball. Again, each player is awarded five shots each. The game ends when, after both persons of one team have went, the second person of the second team fails to match or supersedes the first team's score. All standard rules then apply on the 2-on-2 level.