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District of Witaria

Virtual Territory of Varina
Motto: Kolorala ea sorala
(Secret: Shikorora Towitura)
(English: In Color and Virtue)
Minecraft (YHamp Water World)
FoundedMay 2nd, 2013
Area14,161 m² (May 8th, 2013)
GovernmentTerritorial governorship
GovernorDavid I of Varina

The District of Witaria was a territory of the Kingdom of Varina located on the YHamp server of the game Minecraft. The continent, called the Water World (which Witaria is named after), was volatile and heavily populated, unlike Wyvernia and Minaka, therefore Witaria was heavily focused on development and expansion.

Also unlike Minaka, Witaria operated on the world's claiming system as a part of the plug-in Grief Prevention, meaning the district's area was clearly defined. At its height, the district occupied over 14,000 m².


The city of Sokotra was founded on March 26, 2013, the night before the disestablishment of the Republic of Ultamiya. Starting as a small 11x11 claim, by the first hours of March 27 the governor's residence had been constructed, along with a large farm. In the couple days after, a couple more houses were built, along with the Minecraft headquarters of the Backyard Mining Corporation and a cathedral. By April 6, the city, just declared part of Varina, was allied with the Empire of Nintendia in a war with the Skeleton race (the Axis, as Varina knows them, occupy the Water World continent) and suffered a large battle which stalled development. During the battle, a Watchtower and post office were built, and then activity ceased.

A meat shop was quickly organized in mid-April, but it was not until April 26th that the city began to flourish again. A munitions factory was built between the 26th and 27th, followed closely behind by a woodcutting guild, a stoneworks, a glassworks, a pub, two more houses, and a bakery. All of these, built between April 26 and May 1, doubled the size of the city.

Two more houses were built on May 4 while roadwork continued construction, followed by a large, eight-house row project built on May 5. On the same day (after Midnight) the city was connected with Trolandia, Nintendia via road. By this time, the population had grown to two.

On the 7th, a Nether wart farm building was organized, and the following day the city's first skyscraper, 3 Crown Plaza, was built, along with a house for cows.

Sokotra fell to inactivity soon thereafter, and Varina followed closely behind.


Witaria was fully within a Plains climate, which in Minecraft is warm all year-round, with hot summers. Plains is suitable for all kinds of agriculture and is one of the most highly-populated biomes in the Water World.


Witaria had only one city, Sokotra.


Sokotra on May 1st, 2013.

Sokotra was the capital of Witaria and was one of the most economically successful cities ever to be built by Ultamian Sector nations. Out of the six cities claimed by Varina, Sokotra was the most industrialized by far, and because of constant mob presence, could utilize a large range of materials that only Avolia City in Minaka had access to.

In terms of number of buildings, Sokotra was the second largest city on its server, after Hearron, and the largest city ever built by the Ultamian Sector.

In 2016, Sokotra was adopted to another server as part of a Minecraft nation, the Fair Republic of Salenia.


  • Each block in Sokotra measures 34x34 blocks.
  • During its Varinian sojourn, Sokotra's largest industry was stoneworking. All streets in Sokotra are five blocks wide and made of stone bricks, so large amounts of cobblestone were imported, primarily from the neighboring Nintendian city of Trolandia.

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  • YHamp World Map (Sokotra is located at X 5600, Z -1100; Map updates once every couple hours)