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Fair Republic of Salenia
Repoblikal Faiyari Salenia


Sorala konpasila aivi
(English: With Light as Our Compass)

Fair Salenia, Land of Glory (English)

Kasha, Salenia! (Heavenian)
Capital city Alvaren
Official language(s) English, Heavenian
Official religion(s) Unknown
Short name Salenia
Demonym Salenian
Government Parliamentary monarchy
Legislature Council of Salenia
Established 28 February 2015
Area claimed Unknown
Population Unknown
Currency N/A

The Fair Republic of Salenia (Heavenian: Repoblikal Faiyari Salenia) is a Minecraft nation established on February 28, 2015.

It is the current allegiance of the city of Sokotra, which was at one point owned by the Kingdom of Varina as part of Witaria.

Salenia has three cities besides Sokotra: Alvaren, Vetona, and Kasori.