Deseret Cluster

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Deseret Cluster

"Deseret Forever"
Official language(s)English, Hindi
Official religion(s)Hinduism, Buddhism, Atheism, Christianity, and Judaism

The Deseret Cluster is a cluster of micronations in the US state of Utah.

Active Nations

The nations in the Deseret Cluster are:...


Seveiria is one of the first Deseret Cluster nations. It has 81 people and more than an acre of land. It helped start many other Deseret Cluster nations. For more information visit its microwiki page.

Republic Of Esperanza

The Republic of Esperanza is the second largest Deseret Cluster Nation. It has 15 citizens but is the strongest Deseret Cluster nation weapon wise. For more information visit its MicroWiki page.

Puppeted Gharazzi

Gharazzi is a puppet of Seveiria. It is small and has 2 citizens.


Kozakestane is a small micronation. It has 3 people.

Tonfru Sis Republic

The Tonfru Sis Republic is a Deseret Cluster nation. It was created by the leader of the former Juk Uctai Republic. It is allies with Seveiria and the Escalante Republic.

Former Nations


Zandique was a small borderline Marxist nation started by the current Seveirian leader in 2014. It claimed 3 houses and had 5 citizens.

East Wasatch

East Wasatch was another small nation created by the current Seveirian leader in 2014. It was borderline Fascist with 3 citizens.

New Deseret

New Deseret was the first strong and lasting Deseret Cluster nation. It was started in 2018 but merged with the Princapality Of Gharazzi to make Seveiria.

Princapality Of Gharazzi

Gharazzi seceded from New Deseret. It was strongly anti communist. It merged with Seveiria.

The Salt Lake Republic

This was a short lived micronation that Seveiria conquered.

Unnamed Micronation

An unnamed micronation almost popped up but became a state of the Escalante Republic.

Juk Uctai Republic

The Juk Uctai Republic was a small nation. It has 5 citizens and 4 guns. It almost went to war with the Republic of Gaia. But the Escalante Republic took it over.

Queendom Of Nectarine

The Queendom Of Nectarine was a weak micronation. It was a puppet state of Seveiria but it was attacked by Seveiria. After a short war the Queendom was granted full independence. It was soon retaken.


Asianian Columbia

Flag of the Asianian Columbia

the United Southeast Asian States are Allies With Seveiria, Seveiria gave colonies in the Deseret Clusters main zone... Asianian Columbia also has territory in the sugarhouse park...


An park called Sugarhouse park is divided between the following nations: Mondellia


The Escalante Republic



The United Southeast Asian States


Seveiria divided the park up.

Republic of Ozark

The Republic Of Ozark owns 2 square feet of land in the Deseret Cluster. This was a gift from Seveiria.


Only 3 wars have happened in the Deseret Cluster.

New Deseret Civil War

This 4 day war gained independence for the Princapality Of Gharazzi. It also helped bring about=t the collapse of New Deseret.

Gharazzi-New Deseret War

Shortly after the independence of the Princapality Of Gharazzi a war with New Deseret occurred. It lasted 1 day and was ended when New Deseret and Gharazzi merged to form Seveiria

Seveirian Takeover Of The SLR

Seveiria and its Seveirian Cyber Forces took over the Salt Lake Republic. The war lasted 20 minutes and ended with the SLR succumbing to Seveirian rule.

Queendom Of Nectarine War Of Independence

Seveiria took over the Queendom Of Nectarine. It rebelled and a war insued. It eventually gained independence.