Gordon Robert Charles Gray III

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Gordon III of Grays-Erie
Impire I Aynvaul
Reign June 4th 2006 – present
Coronation ~June 7th 2006
Honourary Predecessor Gordon II
Heir presumptive Eric I of Grays-Erie
Full name
Gordon Robert Charles Gray III
Noble House House of Grey (Grays-Erie Branch)
Father "Gordon II"
Mother Queen-Mother Eileen I
Born 13 June 1994 (1994-06-13) (age 28)
Kingdom of Áinnebhaul Long Island
Religion "Mondach/Celtic Pagan"

Gordon RC Gray III, also known as Impire Gordon III, is a somewhat notable micronationalist living in Hicksville, Long Island/New York. The second notable micronationalist from Long Island to achieve some notoriety after Casidio Tallini. He is notable in the micronational community for being one of the earliest critics of fellow micronationalist "George II" Cruickshank and his very toxic, narcissistic and harassive traits as early as the Summer of 2012, openly calling the latter some of those very things. Traits that would later lead to the downfall of the latter's platform, the then popular "Micronations and Alternative Policies" Facebook page around 2017. He is also involved with a handful of non-profits and civics in his local area.

He is the founder of what is currently Long Island's oldest continuous micronation, the Aynvaul Micronational Government which goes by a few other names such as the Aynvaul Imperial Government(although none within his micronation still refer to it as that) and the Micronational Government of High Aynvaul. His official title is 'Impire' (perhaps pronounced 'Imb-perh'), which is in effect a merger of Highest King and Highest Druid. Aynvaul itself is notable for being perhaps the oldest inherently Irish-American continuous micronation in the world based on available material and sources, with aims of the micronation to be the catalyst of an Irish linguistic (and cultural) revival and rebirth in the Irish diaspora communities(namely the Irish-American ones) into a distinct ethno-cultural or even national identity particularly in the outlands region of southern New England and New York.

Interestingly his claimed noble house, The Noble House of Grey is an actual English Noble House that dates as far back as the eleventh century, with even a member having ascended the English throne in Lady Jane Grey as a de facto Queen for approximately nine days in the sixteenth century.