Christian Republic of the Pongo

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Christian Republic of the Pongo

In God and Dustin We Trust
New York, United States
Capital city Little Pongo
Largest city Little Pongo
Official language(s) English, Hakkai
Official religion(s) Christianity
Demonym Pongonesian
Government Theocratic dictatorship
- Supreme Leader Dustin the Pug
- President Daniel Lector
Established July, 2010
Currency Barter, US dollar
Time zone EST
National animal Pug

The Christian Republic of the Pongo, better known as the Pongo or Pongo, was a short lived micronation in July of 2010, before being defeated by the Sultanate of Hakka in the Hakkai-Pongonesian War. The area that once constituted the Pongo is now part of Tiana