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TiaGroup SOE
Type State-owned enterprise
Industry Banking
Founded March 30th 2012
Headquarters Vassergrad, Tiana
Area served United States, Tiana
Key people Joseph Puglisi (CEO)
Services Investment banking
Total assets $0.25 USD
Owner(s) Tianan Government
Employees 2

TiaGroup SOE is a Tianan multinational investment bank operated out of Vassergrad. It is a state-owned enterprise in Tiana, under the jurisdiction of the People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs. It operates primarily in the United States. TiaGroup was founded in March of 2012.


TiaGroup's function is to provide funding for the Tianan government's internal projects through foreign investment by the state.


TiaGroup has been criticized by hardliners within the Communist Party of Tiana as state capitalist and opposed to the socialist organization of the Tianan economy.