Communist Party of Tiana

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Communist Party of Tiana
ChairmanJoseph Puglisi (last)
Founded11 November 2010
Dissolved8 February 2015
NewspaperTiana Today
IdeologyMarxism, communism, socialism, left-wing nationalism
Political positionFar-left
International affiliationIntermicronational Socialist Forum
ColorsRed, yellow, white
SloganLibertas, Aequalitatis, Fraternitatis
AnthemThe Internationale
Party flag

The Communist Party of Tiana (CPT) was a communist political party in Tiana, which ruled the nation with very little opposition for most of its early history. At its dissolution in 2015, it was one of the two major political parties in Tiana, along with the Democratic Party, and is currently the largest political party in the nation. The party was led by Tianan political strongman Joseph Puglisi.


The Communist Party of Tiana was founded on 14 November 2010, during the Tianan War of Independence, and played a vital role in achieving Tianan independence from the United States. The founders of the CPT - namely Joseph Puglisi, Peter Martin, and Joshua Juda, were all leaders in the Hakkai socialist and labor movement.

For the majority of its existence, the CPT had ruled over Tiana in a single-party state, with the party gaining over 80% of the vote in most elections. Its political dominance of Tiana ended in 2012, when the Democratic Alliance for Freedom, a small opposition movement calling for liberal democratic reform, won the June 2012 Tianan Premierial Election with 61% of the vote, running Ciprian C., a liberal socialist candidate. Despite an end to single-party rule, the CPT remained the largest political party in Tiana until its dissolution.

The party was officially dissolved by the Tianan state after its defeat in the Great Restoration of 2015.


An alternate logo used by the party

The Communist Party of Tiana was a multi-tendency revolutionary socialist party, with currents including orthodox Marxism, Leninism, left-communism, and anarchism. Social democratic ideological currents constituted a small minority of the party.

The party was historically known to oppose the presence of religion within Tiana,[1] with most members of the party self defining as atheist. Many in the CPT, however, opposed the policy of state atheism, instead calling for a secular state.

Relationship to other parties

Internationally, the Communist Party of Tiana had fraternal links with many other left-wing micronational political parties. Among these were the Legatian National Revolutionary Movement, Juclandian National Workers' Bloc, and Left Party of Zealandia. The connection between the CPT and these parties led to increased cooperation between governments formed by these parties.

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