Tianic people

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Tianic people
Tianisc folc (Tianic)

A collage of people whose appearances fall within the typical Tianic range of expression.
Regions with significant populations
United States

English, Tianic


Tianic polytheism, Christianity

Related ethnic groups

European-Americans · European-Canadians · English people · Scottish people · Dutch people · Italians

The Tianic people are an ethnic group and nation, native to the Northeastern United States and Tiana.


Tianic people are a European people who have much in common with and have been largely influenced by neighboring European populations in North America. The contemporary culture of New York - which is quite cosmopolitan in nature and has been shaped largely by Italians, Jews, and Irish - provides the environment in which the Tianic culture has developed and survives.

Racially, Tianans are of primarily Celto-Germanic stock, with a significant degree of Italian admixture. The combined influence of Northwest European (Celto-Germanic) and Italian culture comprises the bulk of Tianic culture.

Tianans generally fall within the phenotypic range typical of the North Atlantid (Nordic-Mediterranean or Atlanto-Nordid) race. Much like British people, Tianans often exhibit a combination of dark hair and light eyes.

Tianan vs. Tianic

The term "Tianic", in contrast to "Tianan", has ethno-cultural connotations. While a Tianan person can be any citizen of the Republic of Tiana, a Tianic person is a member of the largest ethnic group in Tiana. This distinction is only very loosely accepted, however, and the two terms are often used as synonyms. Further complicating the matter, "Tianan" as a noun can refer to either a Tianic person or a Tianan citizen.