Tianan state credit

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Tianan state credit
ISO 4217
PluralState credits
Banknotes1tsc, 5tsc, 10tsc, 20tsc, 50tsc, 100tsc, 500tsc, 1000tsc
User(s) Republic of Tiana
Central bankPeople's Bank of Tiana
PrinterPeople's Bank of Tiana
Pegged with$0.50 USD

The Tianan state credit (tsc, plural: state credits) is an official currency of the Republic of Tiana. It was adopted by the Tianan government the January 31th, 2012. The Tianan State Credit is pegged to 50 cents, and has no official sub-unit yet. The state credit banknotes were designed by Sabioveronese politician Tarek Kârjasary. The currency is pegged to the United States dollar.

While Tianan state credits are still used in conjunction with US dollars in Tiana, they are no longer regularly printed and are generally considered


2012 series

The first series were first printed on February 2, 2012. This series shows images of various leaders of communist states, revolutionary militants recognized by the state as important figures, and important landscapes and landmarks in Tiana. The Temple of the Great Duck appears twice to an error by the People's Bank.

Anverse Reverse Value Dimensions Main color Description
1tsc Unknown Light pink Obverse, Karl Marx; reverse, Montauk Lighthouse, Atlantica Point
5tsc Unknown Gray Blue Obverse, Fidel Castro; reverse, Port Santiago
10tsc Unknown Brighter Olive Green Obverse, Hugo Chávez; reverse, Vassergrad City
20tsc Unknown Lily Obverse, Vladimir Lenin; reverse, Temple of the Big Duck
50tsc Unknown Light orange Obverse, Thomas Sankara; reverse, Temple of the Great Duck
100tsc Unknown Soft red Obverse, Ernesto "Ché" Guevara; reverse, Castro Bay
500tsc Unknown Gray Obverse, Joseph Puglisi; reverse, Montauk Lighthouse (night)
1000tsc Unknown Mustard Obverse, Leroy Santiago; reverse, Tianan claims in New York State