Leroy Santiago

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Leroy Santiago
Leroy Santiago in 2009
Personal information
Born 28 March 2009 (2009-03-28) (age 9)
Suffolk County, New York, United States
Birth name Alex
Citizenship Tianan
Nationality Tianan
Ethnicity Feline-Tianan

Leroy Alexander Santiago, 2nd Baron Roberts, formerly known as HIM King Alexander, is a noble and politician in the Kingdom of Tiana who has served several terms as both President and Prime Minister of Tiana, in addition to reigning as monarch from February 9th to April 15th of 2015. He was able to attain these positions despite his inability to speak any known language, due to being a cat.

Personal life

Leroy was born in 2009 as a feral cat in Suffolk County, New York, where he was adopted by Joseph Puglisi.