Leroy Santiago

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Leroy Santiago
Leroy Santiago in 2009
Personal information
Born 28 March 2009 (2009-03-28) (age 13)
Suffolk County, New York, United States
Birth name Alex
Citizenship Tianan
Nationality Tianan
Ethnicity Feline-Tianan

Leroy Alexander Santiago, 2nd Baron Roberts, formerly known as HIM King Alexander, is a noble and politician in the Kingdom of Tiana who has served several terms as both President and Prime Minister of Tiana, in addition to reigning as monarch from February 9 to April 15 of 2015. He was able to attain these positions despite his inability to speak any known language, due to being a cat.

Personal life

Leroy was born in 2009 as a feral cat in Suffolk County, New York, where he was adopted by Joseph Puglisi.