Monarchy of Tiana

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King of Tiana
Flags of Tiana

Style His Imperial Majesty
First monarch Alexander
Formation 9 February 2015

The Monarchy of Tiana, colloquially known as the Tianan Crown, is the head of state and sovereign, ruling authority of Tiana, established by the Great Restoration of 2015. The Crown reigns over not only the Kingdom of Tiana, but the colonies, dependencies, and dominions which comprise the Tianan Empire.

The monarch of Tiana is an absolute monarch, whose decrees are binding, and whose word is considered oral law - however, it is generally expected that many of the responsibilities of the monarch are delegated to elected or technocratic officials. The Tianan Crown is also a sacral kingship, in which the monarch is considered to be a descendant of Tiwaz and Woden.

The current Tianan monarchy is sometimes referred to as the Alexandrian Dynasty, after its progenitor.

List of monarchs

# Name Portrait Arms Reign start Reign end House
1 Alexander
Leroy Santiago

28 March 2009

LeroyKing.jpg TianaRoyalArms.png 9 February 2015 15 April 2015 House of Alexander
2 Theodoric
Joseph Puglisi

20 September 1996

JosephKing.jpg TianaRoyalArms.png 15 April 2015 Incumbent House of Alexander