United Ocean States

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United Ocean States
Flag of Ocean States (2020)
Coat of arms of Ocean States
Coat of arms
Motto: "Don't panic, Adjust"
Anthem: "Wave, Ocean wave!"
Map of Ocean States
Map of Ocean States
and largest city
Official languagesN/A
Recognised national languagesEnglish, Spanish
GovernmentFederal Democratic Republic
• President
Jaime P. III (2019-2020)
• Vice President
Jebediah Powell (2019-2020)
Lena E. (2020-2020)
• House Speaker
Miró (2020-2020)
LegislatureCongress of United Ocean States
Independence from the United States
• First Fascist State
19 May 2019
• First Federal Republic
4 January 2020
• Dissolved
27 March 2020
CurrencyUnited States dollar
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy
Driving sideright
Preceded by
Succeeded by
United States
Reunited Ocean States

Ocean States, officially the United Ocean States and also formerly known as Union of Ocean States in 2019, was a micronation founded on 19 May 2019, after Mountain States President Jebediah Powell informed Jaime P. III about the idea of a micronation. Ocean States was bordered entirely by the United States. Ocean States was comprised of one federal district, 5 states, and other various territories.


The name "Ocean States" is a reference to the U.S. state Rhode Island's nickname "The Ocean State", which is a reference to the large bays in Rhode Island.


Fascist regime and Civil War

On 19 May 2019, the Union of Ocean States officially declared independence from the United States. Ocean State's first form of government was a fascist totalitarian one-party state, the system of government was heavily influenced by the Union of Mountain States which was also fascist micronation. After the civil war, Jaime labeled Ocean States as a "Federal Republic" but nothing had actually changed in the government with the exception of names of government roles being changed.

In November 2019, the Republic of Rhode Island declared independence as the United States of Qucker from Ocean States and waged war against its former rulers. After Jaime launched an invasion on Qucker, he was ambushed by Quckeran soldiers. After a couple of hours after the invasion, Qucker surrendered and became reunited with Ocean States again, after the war, the Republic of Rhode Island was renamed to "New Werti" to distinguish it from the U.S. state Rhode Island.

Political Turmoil and Federated State

In December 2019, there began a state political turmoil within the United Ocean States. These various problems began with a PT (an impeachment vote) against vice president Hunt P. The PT was started by an anonymous foreign diplomat and this ability for anyone to PT a government official brought to light a multitude of issues within the government. Hunt P. and Jacob Vancapelle suggested reforming the government and creating a constitution for the United Ocean States. Jaime gave power to Hunt P. and Vancapelle to make changes within the government while he took a break from the community, to further educate himself on similar topics.

Hunt P. assumed power of UOS and created a provisional government, with Vancapelle as an advisor. One of the major changes made by Hunt P. was the dissolution of the council which was the main system for creating and passing laws. The following morning of 26 December, Jaime removed Hunt P. from the VP position and Vancapelle from a government position. Jaime then instated Rupo as his Vice President, and within a few hours, the United Ocean States had changed from a federal republic to an oligarchy.

With the change to an oligarchical system and the reestablishment of the council, political parties began to emerge such as the Integralist Ocean States Party and the Progressive Party. More turmoil came when the council passed laws attempting to limit Kaime's executive powers, mostly to protect individual council members from removal. However, Jaime did not uphold these laws and removed Vancapelle from the council, which ended up with United Provinces of Natlin severing ties with the United Ocean States on 29 December; mainly due to Ocean State's unstable government. Hunt P. was reinstated as Vice President the same day. Later on 2 January 2020, the Integralist party would be disbanded in protest of Jaime's corruption and the removal of Vancapelle and another member from the party. The following day all political parties would be disbanded by government orders. On 3 January all of the previously passed laws were removed to create new ones and root out government corruption. The same day Hunt P. would resign from the position of Vice President, with ties between UOS and UMS being severed. These relations would be reestablished and Hunt P. would resume Vice Presidency and Ocean States and Natlins relations would resume. A new federal government was established on 4 January 2020 leading to a new era of Ocean States.

Corruption and dissolution