Ocean States Civil War

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Ocean States Civil War
Improvised Trench, made from a Streambed
Date1 November 2019 - 4 November 2019
Ocean States
Result UOS Victory
UnitedOceanStates.jpg United Ocean States Union of Mountain States.png Union of Mountain States The States of Qucker.png United States of Qucker
Commanders and leaders

UnitedOceanStates.jpg Jaime P. III

Union of Mountain States.png Hunt P.
The States of Qucker.png Dillon S.
6 Regulars 4 Regulars
2 Civilian Irregulars
Casualties and losses
1 wounded Unknown

The Ocean States Civil War was a micronational conflict between the United Ocean States and the United States of Qucker, that was fought between 1 November to 4 November 2019.

Declaration of Independence and Initial Skirmishes

On the 1st of November 2019, Dillon S. declared the independent United States of Qucker and then declared war on Ocean States. The first military action of the war began when the leader of UOS was ambushed by 2 soldiers from Qucker nearby the improvised trench. Caught off-guard and under-equipped, Jaime had to retreat back to the capital.

Mountain States Intervention

Union of Mountain States intervened the same day after the trench battle, assisting Ocean States against Qucker. Mountain States immediately mobilized the 1st Infantry Regiment to assist in the civil war, with leaders of both nations holding a meeting that day. However they saw no fighting against Qucker soldiers, as the rebel forces withdrew that same day.

Qucker Surrenders and Aftermath

Eventually Ocean States and Mountain States would gain the upper hand, forcing Qucker to surrender. The United States of Qucker was re-integrated into United Ocean States and was renamed New Werti.