Hakkai-Pongonesian War

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Hakkai-Pongonesian War
The site of the Hakkai-Pongonesian War
DateJuly 2010
Result Hakkai victory, annexation of the Christian Republic of the Pongo
Flag of Hakka.png Sultanate of Hakka PongoReconstruction.png Christian Republic of the Pongo
Commanders and leaders
Flag of Hakka.png Yusuf Mehmed
Flag of Hakka.png Yeshua Yuda
Flag of Hakka.png Boutros Martin
PongoReconstruction.png Dustin the Pug
PongoReconstruction.png Daniel Lector
4 2

The Hakkai-Pongonesian War, known in Tiana as simply the Pongonesian War, was a short military conflict in July 2010, in which the Pongo was annexed by the Sultanate of Hakka. It was ended with the Treaty of the Golden Fish. The war is considered historically relevant to Tiana because it led to the first unification of what would later become New Palermo, the birthplace of the Tianan nation.