Republic of New Custosia

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Republic of New Custosia
Respubliko de Novaj Kuratoroia (Esperanto)
Coat of arms
Motto: Nos autem perseveraverit
"We have persevered" (Latin)
Anthem: "Glorious New Custosia"
aka, "Der Hohenfriedberger"

Claims of New Custosia
Largest cityArborton
Official languagesEnglish
Demonym(s)New Custosian, Custosian
• President
Edward Daniels
• High Senator
LegislatureSenate of New Custosia
EstablishmentOctober 10, 2016
• (as of 2016 census) census
CurrencyNew Custosian Pretium
US Dollar
Time zoneEastern Time Zone
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Kingdom of Custosia
Kingdom of Custosia

New Custosia officially known as the Republic of New Custosia or simply New Custosia or Custosia, is a micronation officially founded on October 10, 2016. New Custosia is the successor of the Kingdom of Custosia. On October 25, the Grand Republic of Delvera made an offer to have New Custosia join the republic as a province. As of December 30, New Custosia entered a period of government reformation. The reformation is expected to end in early Spring 2017. New Custosia disbanded and collapsed on January 1, 2017.


Micheal defeats Satan.

The name "Custosia" derives from the Latin word custos meaning "guardian or keeper" and the Latin suffix -ia meaning "land or state". Ultimately, Custosia could mean "Land of the Guardian" or "State of the Keeper". This is a reference to New Custosia's patron saint, Saint Michael the Archangel who is the guardian of the Catholic Church and defeated Satan in the War in Heaven.

In Esperanto, the native name of New Custosia is Novaj Kuratoroia. This alternative name have both the same etymology, but in English, the Esperanto name translates to New Guardiania which is the unofficial English name alternative for New Custosia.



Before New Custosia came into existence, their was the Kingdom of Custosia. The Kingdom of Custosia was originally founded as a Grand Principality on July 16, 2016. The Kingdom of Custosia was founded by Edward I of Custosia who was the king and absolute leader of the Kingdom. The Kingdom of Custosia faced many hardships between July and October. On October 7, Custosia finally disbanded due to the unorganization of the government. In the Kingdom's history, Edward I changed the state symbols of Custosia and the government more than once. It was finally decided upon to end the Kingdom's advancement and existence once and for all.

After October 7, Custosia went into a period of inactivity. State symbols and other documents relating to the Kingdom were erased from existence. On October 10, Custosia entered a period of reformation. New hopes were springing up all around the new nation. A constitution is still under way to officially declare New Custosians laws and customs. New Custosia is soon entering a period of immigration. This will expand the number of possibilities with democracy and voting in New Custosia. October 10 is officaly the national day of New Custosia due to the fact that the government was created, symbols of the state were created and that Edward Daniels announced it to the entire micronational community.

Since October 10, New Custosia has entered the "Present Era". Since then, Edward Daniels stated that 2017 is predicted to be a "Year of Growth" for New Custosia with plans of exploring and possibly colonizing a island just south of the New Custosian mainlands. Other goals and predictions for New Custosia in 2017 include stabilizing the government, the first Senate meeting, expanding the population, expanding the culture and much more. 2017 will be a vital and important year for New Custosians.

Government and Politics

New Custosia is a republic. The President, acts as both the head of state and government in the nation. The High Senator is an important figure in the legislation system of New Custosia. The High Senator overlooks the votes in the Senate as well as making new proposals. The Senate of New Custosia is the legislation body of the nation. Their are four seats open in the Senate. Each Senator can also be affiliated with a political party. The Senate meets every so often and makes proposals to fix or create new features in New Custosia. The main political party is the Conservative Party. Their is no competing parties established in New Custosia yet, instead, their are independents who oppose or agree with the Conservatives. Presidential elections are held every three years on December 23. On January 1, if a president is elected, the new president will be inaugurated on January 1 marking the beginning of their term and time in office.

Political Parties

Party Name Logo Short name Leader Position Colours Seats in Government
Conservative Party Conservative Edward Daniels Right-wing Yellow, Black
0 / 4



State Ideology

New Custosians are mostly, very Conservative. Conservatism is the official state ideology of the Republic of New Custosia. However, New Custosians don't associate with extreme far-right motives such as Nazism and Fascism. A new ideology is being created within New Custosia by Edward Daniels known as Danielism. Danielism is the belief in strict laws and high security to protect the nation from crimes and mischief. Danielism thrives to create a society where the people are obedient and follow the laws and regulations created by Edward Daniels. It also calls for the extreme appreciation and remembrance of Edward Daniels. Danielism leans center in the political spectrum and is planned to be established in the New Custosian government in 2017.

Law and Order

Law and order is very important in New Custosia. Currently, the New Custosian Constitution is being written as of October 11, 2016.

Foreign Relations

New Custosia does not hold any foreign relations yet.

Armed Forces

New Custosia does not have a military or armed force. It does have the New Custosian Cyber Army though.

Geography & Climate

About 33% of New Custosia is made up of hills, mountains, grasslands and forests. The other 66% of the nation is made up of suburban areas. The highest point of elevation is in the Province of Arborton. The lowest point of elevation is in the Province of Caputia. Arborton has the most trees and flatlands in it's borders. Their are also many mountain rages that are visible in the distance which makes Arborton an iconic attraction. Caputia is well known for it's distance near water ways and the Bay. Ships and boats can be seen mostly in the Summer near Caputia. Parumland is well known for it's proximity between a legendary lake. Parumlanders often visit the lake and take walks around the lake. Parumland is also known to be the one of the smallest provinces in New Custosia.

According to the Köppen climate, New Custosia straddles between a Humid subtropical climate and a Warm-summer humid continental climate.

Administrative Divisions


New Custosia is comprised of three unitary provinces that make up the administrative divisions. The most northerly province is Arborton. The most southerly provinces in New Custosia are Caputia and Parumland

Flag Name Admission date Governor
Caputia October 10, 2016 Edward Daniels
Arborton October 10, 2016 TBA
Parumland October 10, 2016 TBA


New Custosia's culture is in tandem with other cultures around the world such as American culture, Irish culture and Italian culture. A minority of New Custosians are religious and practice or believe in the state religion which is Christianity.


New Custosias speak mainly American English. In 2017, Esperanto the new official language alternative in New Custosia.


Almost all of the citizens in New Custosia are either Roman Catholic, Nondenominational Christian or non-religious. However, religion is an important factor in the society of New Custosia. 41.7% of New Custosians are Roman Catholic. Another 41.7% of New Custosians are non-religious. 16.7% of New Custosians are Nondenominational Christians.

Religions in New Custosia as of late 2016 to early 2017.

National Anthem

The National Anthem of New Custosia is "Der Hohenfriedberger", but in New Custosia, it is renamed to "Glorious New Custosia" This anthem was chosen because it represents triumph and elegance as well as sophistication which represents New Custosia perfectly.

Honorary Subjects


St. Micheal's Day

St. Micheal's Day is an important feast holiday in New Custosia. St. Micheal is the patron saint of New Custosia and is praised for defeating Satan in the War in Heaven. New Custosians celebrate St. Micheal's Day on September 30. It is celebrated on the 30th of September because in the fifth century, a basilica in Rome was dedicated to honoring St. Micheal and St. Micheal only. The 29th of September is recognized as the Feast of St. Micheal and All Angles. New Custosians only celebrate St. Micheal and not the other angles on the 30th of September. That is why it falls on this date. New Custosians celebrate by decorating their houses with pictures and statues of St. Micheal. A large dinner is also held on this day as well. After dinner, people light candles outside during the night and hold small masses and chants. Celebrations are held on the 29th known as St. Micheal's Eve and full celebrations are commemorated on St. Micheal's Day on September 30. St. Micheal's Day also symbolizes the coming of the Autumn season.

War in Heaven

New Custosians can participate in a reenactment of the War in Heaven. The reenactment is a type of game and custom cultural celebration only known to New Custosia. Their are two sides, the Devils and the Angels. The Angels and the Devils fight each other with foam swords and other foam sword weapons. This celebration is typically celebrated in the morning or afternoon hours in New Custosia.

Public Holidays

Name Date Notes
New Year's Day January 1 The celebration of the first day of the Gregorian year.
St. Patrick's Day March 17 An observance of Irish heritage, culture and commemoration of his death.
Good Friday April 14 The commemoration of Jesus's crucifixion and death.
Easter April 16 The celebration of Jesus's resurrection.
Summer's Day June 20 or 21 A national celebration commemorating the first day of Summer which brings events and celebrations until the end of August.
Monarchy Day July 16 The anniversary and celebration in which Custosia was first founded as a monarchy. Duel national day.
Edward Daniels Day September 11 The birthday of Edward Daniels, founder of New Custosia.
St. Michael's Day September 30 The feast and celebration of Custosia's patron saint, Saint Micheal the Archangel.
Republic Day October 10 Remembrance and anniversary of the first day of the Custosian Reformation and the founding of New Custosia.
Banquet Day November 23 A gathering of family honoring the harvest festival.
Christmas Eve December 24 The celebration of the eve of Jesus's birth.
Christmas Day December 25 The celebration and festivities of Jesus Christ's birthday.
New Year's Eve December 31 The celebration of the last day of the Gregorian year.