Conservative Party (New Custosia)

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Conservative Party of New Custosia
ChairmanEdward Daniels
Membership  (2016)1
Right-wing populism
Political positionRight-wing
Official colorsYellow, Black
Seats in Senate
0 / 5
Party flag
Flag of CPNC.PNG

The Conservative Party of New Custosia also known as the CPNC, is a right-wing political party founded by the 1st President of New Custosia, Edward Daniels. The CPNC is well known for it's heavy criticism against the Left and the Far-left politics as well as LGBT communities, as well as centre and fellow right-wing parties for being to extreme.



The CPNC is lead by a Chairman who is the head of the entire party. The Chairman of the CPNC is elected by Conservatives during the presidential election. If a Conservative candidate wins the presidential election, they will become the Chairman of the CPNC as well. The CPNC meets every month to discuss conservatism and goals for the party.

List of Chairmen

Photo Name Term Begin Term End Home province
3rd Edward Daniels.png
Edward Daniels
November 16, 2016
January 1, 2017


The CPNC is highly inspired by UKIP in the United Kingdom and the Republican Party in the United States. Key people that inspired the CPNC's structure and ideas are Donald Trump, Nigel Farage, Vladimir Putin and Ronald Reagan.


The Conservative Party of New Custosia has been criticized by many MicroWiki community members for it's "Anti-LGBT" policies because of the claim of invalidating human rights and defying "common sense". [Citation Needed] It has been notably criticized for being compared to the days of fascism.

NOTE: The CPNC does not associate with Fascism and Nazism.