Flag of New Custosia

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Flag of New Custosia
See adjacent text.
Use National flag
Proportion 2:3
Adopted 10 October 2016
Design Two white lines united into one line against a blue field. White star on left side.
Designed by Edward Daniels

The flag of New Custosia or the flag of the Republic of New Custosia is the national flag the Republic of New Custosia. It consists of a white pall overlaid on a blue background with a white star located between the pall's opening. The flag is the first and current flag of New Custosia.


The white pall on the flag represents God and the people coming together to create peace and protection. The star represents the constitution and the sovereignty of the nation. The blue field represents loyalty, wisdom and faith.

Rules and Use

The flag of New Custosia is used to identify the nations lands and claims. The rules of the flag is that the flag must be flown at all times except during storms and bad weather. The flag also must not be abused, burnt, thrown away or unfolded when storing the flag in a safe area. The flag is also flown at half mast during days of remembrance and tribute to certain events held outside or in New Custosia.