Konstantin Antonovsky

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Konstantin Antonovsky
Gauleiter of Nowa Warszawa
Assumed office
May 2022
Predecessor Office established
Personal information
Born 2003
Citizenship Ausveria
Nationality Ausverian
Ethnicity Germano-Slavic
Political party Organization for a Greater Fatherland
Residence Nowa Warszawa, Ausveria
Religion Eastern Catholic
Military service
Allegiance Ausveria
Service/branch Army
Rank General in the Ausverian Volksarmee

Konstantin Antonovsky (Russian: Константин Антоновский) is an Ausverian Politician, known for pushing pro-Slavic and traditionalist rhetoric into the Ausverian Volkskammer. He is the leader of the Traditionalist bloc of the AFP and Chairman of the OGF.

Early life

Konstantin Antonovsky was born some time in 2003.


Role in the National Ausverian Government

Konstantin Antonovsky is one of the co-Caesars of National Ausveria, as the Caesar of the West. He is also the Gauleiter of Gau Nowa Warszawa.

Main Concerns

Antonovsky has emphasized on numerous occasions the need for a strong economy and ways to teach others important and marketable skills. Antonovsky is also a supporter of the concept of Greater Ausveria. He is a member of the Organization for a Greater Fatherland and the Chairman of said group. Antonovsky also holds strong moral and social views aligned with Catholicism. Antonovsky holds expansionist views as described by the OGF. He dislikes the idea of having non-Ausverians in government and believes that in order to participate in government one should hold a main allegiance to Ausveria. To Antonovsky, war is a diplomatic tool to enforce foreign policy. It is also necessary to gain new territories and mobilize the economy.

Personal life


Konstantin Antonovsky is an Eastern Catholic and theological traditionalist. Antonovsky has an interest in Spiritual Warfare.


" If nobody besides the General Staff know their rank, it would be chaotic down below."

"There is a certain need for society to have more strong traditionalists who are willing to understand and stand for the values of God."

"Call me a criminal, but if you criminalize patriotism you are but a criminal yourself."