Reichskommissariat Sayville (Ausveria)

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Reichskommissariat Sayville
—  Occupied Territorial Entity belonging to Ausveria  —
Nickname(s): None
Country Ausveria
Founded October 31st 2020
 - Reichskommissar Undecided
 - Total 0
Time zone Eastern standard time

Reichskommissariat Sayville is a territory of Ausveria that was established on October 31st, 2020.


Reichskommissariat Sayville was originally part of the United States Of America until 2019 when it came into the possession of the Kingdom of Sayville. On October 31st 2020, 2 members of the Ausverian Revolutionary Guard entered Sayville and were met with zero resistance, after this the claim was announced with applause in the Ausverian Landtag and photographs of Ausverian Troops in sayville were distributed in the micronational community and to the Sayvillian Leadership who responded with a mixture of shock and indifference.

Ausverian troops in the Reichskommissariat

Present situation

At the current time the territory is still disputed between Ausveria and the Kingdom of Sayville however it is recognized as part of Ausveria by multiple nations in the micronational community.[citation needed] In an attempt to legitimize Ausverian claims the flag of Reichskommissariat Sayville was changed on Friday September 17th 2021 to more serious flag replacing the original which was designed as a joke and originally used with the intention of bringing embarrassment upon Sayville.

Former flag of Reichskommissariat Sayville


While originally intended to be run by Ausverian Politician Henry P. due to his place of residence being a more than two hour drive from Sayville it was decided that he would be unfit for the position. Since it’s annexation the governing of the territory has been left directly up to Ausverian Chancellor Fredrick M. due to the inability of the Ausverian government to find someone who can govern the territory.


The area has good road coverage however the territory is 35 minutes away from the nearest Ausverian Territory.