Silas W

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His Excellency

Silas W.

3rd President of the Republic of Excelsior
Assumed office
29 August 2020
Preceded byAkash V. K.
Minister of Health for the republic of Excelsior
Assumed office
23 April 2021
Preceded byOffice established
Governor of the State of Invictus of Excelsior
Assumed office
28 August 2020
Preceded byOffice established
General-Secretary of the Democratic Party of Excelsior
Assumed office
20 June 2021
Preceded byoffice established
Commander General of the Excelsioran Military
Assumed office
29 August 2020
Preceded byAkash V.K.
Minister for Homeland Security and Defense for the republic of Excelsior
Assumed office
28 August 2020
Preceded byoffice established
Governor of the State of Aeterneum of Gapla
Assumed office
July 20 2021
Preceded byoffice established
Personal details
BornNew York City
CitizenshipExcelsior, Gapla,United States
RelationsHRM Princess Lillian (Cousin), Arlo W. (Brother)

Silas W is a mainly Excelsiorian politician. His official title is the Crown Prince and Major General of Excelsior Silas, president of Excelsior and senator and governor for the state of Invictus. He is the General-Secretary fo the democratic party of Excelsior, and was one of the original founders of the nation. He has often held the support of a large portion of the nation and has stood for a bigger military and more private industry within Excelsior. He is of the Royal house of Invictus, which is currently the non-incumbent house, as Her Royal Majesty Queen Finny is of the Grandsian house. He is directly related to Her royal Majesty Princess Lillian of the house of Invictus, therefore making him crown prince of the house of Invictus. He is 4th in line in the royal line of succession.

He has fought in the Excelsior - Dylanland war, as well as the forest war, the Excelsior civil war, And the second Praia - Frazirioberg civil war.

He also has recently dabbled in politics in the Federated States of Gapla, and has created his state, Aeturnum.

Awards and Honors

Awards and Honors of Silas W.

He is honored with the following medals, all Excelsioran:

  • The High order of the Chancellor (Highest award achievable)
  • The most honorable order of the laurel
  • The high cross of her Royal Highness the Queen
  • Medal of Leadership and the presidency
  • Medal of honor
  • Medal of a Founder
  • Medal of Meritous service
  • Order of High Achievement
  • Medal of Diplomatic services
  • Major General Cross
  • Ribbon of military service
  • War Service
  • cross of war injury
  • Prisoner of War medal