Federal Senate (Excelsior)

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Federal Senate of the Republic

Senado Federal da República (Portuguese)
Bundessenat der Republik (German)
Coat of arms or logo
Political groups
  Democratic Party: 12 seats
  Communist Party: 2 seats
Last election
12 September 2023

The Federal Senate of Excelsior is the lower house of the Federal Parliament of Excelsior, with the direct-democratic People's Chamber being the upper house. Together, they compose the federal bicameral legislature of Excelsior. The existence of the Federal Senate is enshrined in Article Three of the 3rd Excelsioran Constitution and has existed in multiple iterations throughout Excelsioran history, often switching between being the lower and upper house of Parliament.

Originally established as a rubber stamp legislature with its members, Senators, being appointed by the Excelsioran President and Chancellor, the Senate was reformed to have its members appointed by elected "Electors" before becoming a direct democratic body, with all citizens of Excelsior being "members", after the passage of the Excelsioran Reformation Amendment on 6 April 2022. The upper house, the Federal Council, later renamed to the Federal Assembly, consisted of a mix of nationally elected and locally appointed Representatives. With the passage of the third Excelsioran Constitution in April 2023, the powers of the Assembly and the Senate flipped, with the Senate, still the lower house, now consisting of 13 elected and appointed Senators, while the upper house, formerly the Federal Assembly, was renamed to the People's Chamber, later the People's Assembly. The direct democratic structure of the Senate was transferred to the Assembly, in which any citizen could vote on bills passed by the Senate before being sent to the President upon passage, or rejected by the people in the Assembly, as a form of citizen approval of bills. The Senate gained a seat, bringing the seat total to 14, in August 2023.

List of Members

Name Party Republic Type Position
Connor Hetner Democratic Goose Island Local Speaker of Parliament
Silas Wurnbash Democratic Invictus National President
Nicolas Caiazzo Democratic Grandsia Local Chancellor
Ali Farrokhzad Democratic Grandsia National Member
Roy Jackson Democratic Invictus National Member
Micah W. Democratic Invictus Local Majority Leader
Ben Olson Democratic Riel Islands National Member
Harold R. Democratic Invictus Local Member
Jim Democratic Invictus Local Member
Jake Democratic Invictus National Member
Dante Winchester-Thanos Democratic Invictus National Member
Ben K. Democratic Invictus National Member
Jasper S. Communist Dave Dave National Minority Leader
Felix Communist Dave Dave Local Member