New Libertasian Anarchist Republic

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New Libertasian Anarchist Republic (Dissolved)
Coat of arms
Motto: "Viva la revolución!"
Anthem: Liberty and Revolt
CapitalNone established
GovernmentMilitary Anarchist Republic under a provisional government
LegislatureRevolutionary Council
• Census
Time zoneEST

The New Libertasian Anarchist Republic, or New Libertas, is a self-declared anarchist secessionist republic that seceded from the Soviet State of Libertas in the Libertasian May Revolution. Founded 15 May 2022 by micronationalistNicolas Caiazzo in opposition to the Libertasian draft of 2022 and to Libertasian President Emerson Lee, as well as with the intent to establish Libteras as an anarchist republic, New Libertas is led by the Libertasian National Liberty Front political military group. New Libertas is currently engaged in the ongoing 2022 Libertasian Civil War. As of June of 2022 the civil war has ended and the Anarchist Republic has been absolved into libertas.