Founders' Medal

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Founders' Medal (FM)

Seal of the Founders' Medal (top), the de jure Ribbon bar of the Founders' Medal (middle), and the de facto Ribbon bar of the Founders' Medal (bottom)
Awarded by  Cotter Menaceland
TypeHigh-Class Order
EligibilityFor citizens of Cotter Menaceland
  • Participation in the foundation of the nation of Cotter Menaceland.
Established8 August 2022
First awarded10 August 2022
Last awarded10 August 2022
Total awarded6
Connor Hetner, Emerson Lee, Ben Olson, Joe Terronez, Nicolas Caiazzo, James SanJuan
Next (higher)People's Medal of Cotter Menaceland
Next (lower)Order of the Matence Cross, Scout Medal

The Founders' Medal (FM) is a high-class order awarded to citizens of Cotter Menaceland who participated in its foundation. Only six medals have been awarded, and no more will be made. The physical medals were awarded at MicroCon 2023