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Empire of Markarpolis
Motto: Revertere, Pica!
File:Victoria, Australia
Largest cityO'sullivan
Official languagesEnglish
Atheism, Catholicism, Salvation army christianity, multiple small cults
GovernmentSemi-constitutional monarchy
• Emperor
Emperor Otis I
• President
Liam Hardy
Establishment9 September 2021
• Census
CurrencyAustralian dollar

Markarpolos (Pronounced Mar-Car-Poll-hiss), Officially the Empire of Markarpolos is an Australian micronation. The capital of Markarpolos is Leumadair, with the largest city being O'sullivan. The official language is English. It is a semi-constitutional monarchy with a Emperor and a President.


Markarpolis, then called Delphinskia (land of the dolphins) was founded on 9 September 2021 by Emperor Otis I, with the capital in Iotastan. He appointed Gabriel O'sullivan as king (secondary ruler). The following day a significantly larger area land was claimed, which would later be known as Leumadair. Not much of significance happened until 1 October, when Iotastan was partitioned into Iotastan and the new state of Taibanoa. The country was then renamed Australonesia. Shortly after, the title of King was abolished and replaced by the democratically-elected president. On 18 October, the country's military was founded with O'sullivan as the commander. On 21 October, Altania and Morgandisha placed sanctions on Markarpolis, starting the war of the sanctions. The states of Cogbinhein and New Gippsland were then founded. For more information, see the timeline.


Markarpolos has ambassadors to Australia, the UK, the USA, and Jamaica. they are a member of the Micronational Community of Australia and are allies with the state of Capygrad. The Empire is a 4.1/5 on Hamilton's Scale of Micronational Seriousness. Markarpolos does not recognise the People's Republic of China, instead recognising the Republic of China (Taiwan) as the true China. Markarpolos formely had a protectorate, Cedapolis, that was also located in Victoria. It was an ally of the Republic of Hitlasia, a now-defunct micronation that had claims to land near Indonesia.



Markarpolos has 5 states, each ruled by a noble.

Former states



do the mario audio file

Markarpolossian cultural dances include Do the Mario.



Toobs is the national food, Declared by the Emperor to be "The finest snack food to ever be invented in the Australasian continent."


The national sport of Markarpolos is cornhole, a game often played in Leumadair state.



Markarpolos has 52 citizens as of the last census on the 13rd of February 2023.

Notable people


The population is mostly Atheist and Agnostic, but there is a sizeable amount of Catholics and Salvation army Christians.


Markarpolos has 3 political parties, The Markarpolossian eco-capitalist party, the Hardy Party and the Markarpolossian Communist party.


Elections in Markarpolos are held every 5 months. Any citizen over 10 may run for office and any citizen over 8 can vote.

Holidays and festivals

Holiday list

Name Date Explanation
New year's day 1 January Festival marking the beginning of the new year
Emperor Norton day 8 January Day celebrating Emperor Norton, One of the first micronationalists.
Gary Coleman day 10 February Day celebrating the life and work of the beloved child actor and midget Gary Coleman.
Hippo day 15 February because the world needs a day to think about hippos and how awesome and vital they are.
Emperor's birthday 21 February A holiday celebrating the birth of the Emperor
Steve Irwin day 22 February A day celebrating the work of Steve Irwin.
St. Patrick's day 17 March An adopted holiday from Ireland that celebrates Irish culture
April fool's day 1 April A day for pulling pranks.
Easter 9 April (2023) in Christian belief, it is a holiday commemorating the resurrection of Jesus from the dead, described in the New Testament as having occurred on the third day of his burial following his crucifixion by the Romans at Calvary c. 30 AD. Atheist Markarpolossians celebrate this too.
Hutt river day 21 April A day celebrating Hutt river, Australia's first micronation.
Pulvapies day 17 July A celebration remembering the great day the fantastic politician Pulvapies was elected mayor of Picoaza, Ecuador.
Feast of Toobs 27 July The day the snack food "Toobs" were brought back to supermarkets.
Independence day 9 September The day Markarpolos became a country.
Halloween 31 Oct a celebration observed on 31 October, the eve of the Western Christian feast of All Hallows' Day. It begins the observance of Allhallowtide, the time in the liturgical year dedicated to remembering the dead, including saints (hallows), martyrs, and all the departed.
Christmas 25 Dec A religious and cultural holiday that takes place on the day Jesus was born. Most Markarpolossians are atheists, but celebrate Christmas anyway.
New year's eve 31 Dec The day before the new year.

Independence day

Independence day is a celebration of the creation of Markarpolos. Every year, The Emperor invites several nobles to Leumadair city to eat food and play games, such as cornhole, quoits, rock paper scissors, and water gun target practise. The person with the highest score is known as "The Grand Poohbah of Leumadair". The person with the second-highest number is known as "The Lesser Poohbah of Leumadair" and the person with the lowest score is known as "The golden champion of Leumadair".


Markarpolos has a discord server.

Markarpolos TV

Markarpolos TV is a youtube channel operated by the Emperor. Any Markarpolossian may submit videos or movies they made to be uploaded to the channel.


Animal land

Animal land is a show by Crown Princess Romilly (Emperor Otis' sister) about the adventures of the sheep, goats, and chickens that inhabit Leumadair state.

Complimentary colours

Complimentary colours is an upcoming animated show created by Raf, Duke of Cogbinhein.


Markarpolos has 3 political parties, The Markarpolossian Eco-capitalist party, the Hardy Party, and the Markarpolossian Tea Party.

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