Markarpolossian armed forces

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The coat of arms

The Markarpolossian armed forces are the military of Markarpolis. They currently have a personnel of 8. They were founded on the 18th of October 2021 by G_abe2, Replacing the paramilitary Australonesian army. The commander in chief is G_abe2.



The army possesses several pointy sticks.


the military has2 longbows, 3 Kmart water guns, and a Mark IV imperial water shotgun.


The military has 3 hydra water blasters, which fire huge volleys of water with devastating effect.


Previous: Blake's house war, War of the sanctions.


The bicycle cavalry is a large branch of the armed forces, with 4 members.

Medals & decorations

Order of Pemulwuy

this medal is awarded for bravery in battle. So far no people have won it. It is named after Pemulwuy, a Eora chief who led his people in war against the British.

Otis cross

This medal is awarded for conquest. This has been awarded to Taigon and G abe2.

Kerinesia medal

This medal is awarded for service in the Blake's house war. This has been awarded to Emperor Otis I, The ruler of Markarpolos, and Taigon.