Blake's house war

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The Blake's house war was a brief conflict that lasted about 10 minutes on the 28th of October 2021 that began with Blakese hostilities towards Markarpolis, shortly after Blake's house was founded. It led to the surrender of Chief Blake I of Blake's house and the Markarpolossian colonisation of the country.

Blakese hostilities

When Blake's house was founded, Markarpolos asked for alliance. Chief Blake refused and instead threatened Markarpolos, forming an army of Markarpolossian soldiers that deserted. Emperor Otis I of Markarpolos then lead a charge against Chief Blake's army in the battle of New Campbells creek. Blake's troops were waterlogged and had to retreat.

Battle of the basketball court

Chief Blake led a charge at Duke Taigon's force on a local basketball court, But was surronded. Blake cowardly gave up his country to the Duke in exchange for being able to leave the battle without harm.


Blake's house became the Markarpolossian colony of Kerinesia, governed by Taigon.