Otis I

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HIM Emperor Otis I is the Monarch of Markarpolos and one of it's founders. He has served as ruler since the birth of the nation.

The founding of Markarpolos

Markarpolos was founded by Otis Park and G abe2 on September the ninth, 2021. The country, then called Delphinskia, was ruled by Otis and G_abe2 in a joint monarchy (with G_abe2 being King) until the first of October the same year, when Markarpolos became a semi-constitutional monarchy and G_abe2 became President.

The Blake's house war

Otis fought in both battles of the Blake's house war.

Rule of the country

Otis has brought new laws and reformations to Markarpolos, such as designing the flag, the coat of arms, writing the national anthem, and naming several of the states and cities.

Titles and honours


  • Emperor of Markarpolos


Markarpolossian honours:

  • Blake's house medal
  • Founder of Markarpolos