War of the sanctions

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The war of the sanctions, Formerly known as the Arstotzkan-Markarpolossian war, was a non-serious cyber-war between Markarpolis and the alliance of Altania, Morgandisha, and Burgess. It lasted from 21st of October 2021 to 9 June 2022.


Wheatley, leader of Altania, imposes sanctions upon Markarpolos.

the war began shortly after Markarpolos joined r/micronations. Altania threatened Markarpolos with sanctions because Markarpolos was "imperialist". Markarpolos told Altania to lift the sanctions or they would attack. Altania refused, beginning the war on the 21st of October 2021.

Communist micronations aid Altania

The leaders of Morgandisha and Burgess ally with Altania.

When Markarpolos declared war on Altania, Morgandisha and Burgess replied to the post, Pledging their alleigance to Altania's communist alliance.

The war comes to an end.

Attempts at peace


In November 2021, Markarpolos called for a peace treaty with Altania, Burgess, and Morgandisha. Morgandisha replied by claiming they owned Markarpolos and Emperor Otis I was a puppet leader. Markarpolos denounced this and cancelled the peace treaty. Morgandisha gave Markarpolos another treaty which would turn Markarpolos into a puppet state, which Markarpolos furiously refused.


Jungle Flare, Grand Duke of Morgandisha, called for an unfair treaty that would annex Markarpolos. This is the treaty: (Australonesia was the old name for Markarpolos)

  1. All combatants shall form an alliance against future aggression
  2. All sanctions against Australonesia shall be lifted
  3. A to be decided zone shall serve as an area of joint administration for all nations
  4. All leaders will receive honourable citizenship in each other's nations
  5. Nations shall exchange gifts and citizens as tokens of goodwill
  6. All nations will sign a free trade agreement
  7. All nations will meet at a summit the first Monday of every month to discuss grievances and resolve any issues
  8. Morgandisha shall host all meetings between nations
  9. All military forces will be merged, and based in Australonesia.
  10. Wheatley shall have the power to represent all of us outside of the alliance

End of the war

On 9 June 2022, Emperor Otis I messaged Grand Duke Jungle Flare and agreed to end the war.

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