2021 Markarpolossian general election

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G_abe2 of the Eco-capitalist party.
TaiGon of the Blobfish coalition.
Rainbow typhoon, an independent candidate.
Rafael Pankhurst, running mate to TaiGon.

The 2021 Markarpolossian general election was held on Saturday 20 November 2021 to decide who would be the new President of the Empire of Markarpolis. 32 people registered to vote.


G_abe2, The current president and leader of the Markarpolossian Eco-capitalist party, Stood for re-election on an environmentalist front. Taigon stood for election as an independent candidate at first, but then joined forces with Rafael Pankhurst to form the Blobfish coalition political party.


The Blobfish coalition was winning by a lot at the start, But G_abe2 soon caught up until the score was even. In a very close election, the Eco-capitalists eventually pulled through victorious, keeping G_abe2 in charge. G_abe2 won with 24 votes. Taigon ended up with 22 and Rainbow Typhoon only got 4.


G_abe2 promised to bring Gubernatorial elections to states, To clean up the country, and donate more money to science.

TaiGon promised to ban the 2011 video game Fortnite and classify microtransactions in EA video games as gambling.

Rafael Pankhurst promised to make communisim illegal, declare dogs a race superior to humans, and give every farmer a free Blobfish. TaiGon vetoed all three of these policies.


G_abe2 was endorsed by the Marquesses de Leumadair (Younger sister of the emperor) and the Crown princess of Markarpolis.