Markarpolossian parliament

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The Markarpolossian parliament, or parliament of Markarpolis, is the bicameral legislature of the Empire of Markarpolis, established on the 1st of November, 2021. It's two houses are the senate (upper) and the national assembly (lower) There are 4 seats in the upper house and 6 in the lower house, The majority of which are controlled by the Markarpolossian Eco-capitalist party.



Before parliament existed, The President or Emperor decided on the rules.


There are only 2 parties in parliament: The Markarpolossian Eco-capitalist party and the Blobfish party.

Bills passed

  • The Magpie act
  • The Taibanoa act


when a bill is passed, it goes through the national assembly. If it is a tie, then the President decides. If it gets enough votes in favour, it will make it to the Senate, where the senators will then vote on it. If it is a tie, the Emperor decides.