Military Forces of Pinang

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Military Forces of Pinang
Forze Militari di Pinang
Founded19 April 2018
Current form15 June 2018
Secretary of Defence and Public Security,Mayor of Bazhong
Active personnel6
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Ranksgeneral, colonel, private

The Military Forces of Pinang (Italian: Forze Militari di Pinang) are a branch of Pinang Armed Forces, currently they have 6 military and two regiments.


The President formed the Military Forces on 19 April 2018. They were reformed on June 15, 2018 by the former head of state ad interim. The current General is in office since 29 August 2018.


1st Regiment Estosadok

The 1st Estosadok Regiment consists of 1 private and a colonel. The current Colonel is the Mayor of Bazhong.

2nd Regiment Gandalf

The 2nd Regiment Gandalf consists of two privates and a colonel. The current colonel is the ex archduke.


Rank Translation NATO Notes
Generale General OF-9 Commander of Military Forces
Colonello Colonel OF-5 Commander of a Regiment
Soldato Private OR-1 Private