United Provinces of Natlin Army

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United Provinces of Natlin Army
Country Natlin
Type Army
Role Land warfare
Size 14 Regular Army personnel
Headquarters Owenia, Natlin Trafford
Motto "Fight all that oppose until absolute victory"
Commander in Chief UPNPresident Flag.png Jacob D. Deceuninckvancapelle
Chief of Staff FlagoftheChiefofStaffUPN.png Nina Deceuninckvancapelle

The United Provinces of Natlin Army (UPNA) is the land warfare service branch of the U.P.N. Armed Forces. As the oldest branch of the U.P.N military in order of precedence, the modern-day U.P.N. Army has its roots in the Halinian Army, which was formed in September 2015 to keep external forces from invading Halin.