Flag of Natlin

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Flag of the Natlin
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Names Natalanian Flag,
  • The Old Blue
  • The Checkered Liberty
Use National flag and ensign
Proportion 3:2
Adopted November 24th 2016
Design Divided into four rectangles: going clockwise, each quadrant contains a white rectangle, a blue rectangle, and a red circle in the middle.
Designed by Jacob Deceuninck

The flag of Natlin, often referred to as the Natalanian Flag, is the national flag of Natlin which consists of a blue and white checkered design with a red circle in the middle. It is the first flag approved by Congress for use as the country's national flag. The flag of Natlin is the symbol of the nation's unity, it represents all the citizens of Natlin without distinction of race, language, belief, or opinion.