Natalanian Federal Government

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U.P.N. Federal Government
Seal of the Natalanian Federal Government
Formation24 November 2016
Founding documentNatalanian Constitution
JurisdictionUnited Provinces of Natlin
Legislative branch
Meeting placeWasusu Capitol Building
Executive branch
AppointerNatalanian Electoral College
HeadquartersWasusu Capitol Building
Main organCabinet
Judicial branch
CourtSupreme Court of Natlin

The Natalanian Federal Government is the national government of Natlin, the federal government is composed of three distinct branches: the judicial, legislative, and executive, whose powers are vested by the Natalanian Constitution in the Congress. The powers and roles of these branches are defined by acts of Congress.


Legislative Branch

The United Provinces of Natlin's Congress is the legislative branch of the government. It comprises the Senate (upper house) and the House of Representatives (lower house).


The Senate is made up of 1 senator from each province. There are currently 10 senators, who each serve 5-year terms.

House of Representatives

The House of Representatives is made up of representatives elected from each province in Natlin. There are currently 12 representatives in the House of Representatives.

Powers of the Congress

Congress has the power of making laws, declaring war, impeaching the president, approval of presidential appointments, and the approval of treaties negotiated by the executive branch.

Executive Branch


Vice President

Judicial Branch