Republic of Surdam

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Republic of Surdam
"Never go down without a fight."
Anthem: Freedom for all!
and largest city
Jackson City
Official languagesEnglish
Recognised national languagesEnglish
GovernmentRepresentative democracy
• President
• Second President
LegislatureSurdam Government Council
Independence from the United States
• Representative democracy government established
15 June 2017
GDP (nominal)estimate
• Total
48 Surdamian marks
CurrencySurdamian Mark
Date formatmm-dd-yyyy
Drives on theright

The Republic of Surdam, or just Surdam for short, is a micronation founded on June 15th, 2017 by its current heads of state, President Surdam and President Caldwell. Surdam has a total of 11 citizens and the national currency is the Surdamian mark.

Government and economy

The government of the Republic of Surdam is a representative democracy. The Republic of Surdam elects two presidents after 20 years, the current presidents are President Surdam and President Caldwell, the government has also made sure every citizen is happy and healthy. The economy of Surdam runs on bean Farming, shell Farming. The national currency is the Surdamian mark, when converting a One Surdamian mark to the US one dollar bill, you would get 75 cents back.


After Mr. Caldwell (now president) declared independence from the United States, he set up the Republic of Surdam. He declared "This nation is to be a great land where freedom will never be taken away from the people!". After this, Mr. Caldwell began setting up small things like declaring the national bird is the Blue Jay and the currency is the Mark. Mr. Caldwell declared the first city is Jackson City the capital of the Republic of Surdam. Mr. Caldwell in 2018 had claimed new territory in southern Wyoming and declared New Wyoming, a part of Surdam. After only 3 months a war broke out between the Republic of Surdam and some mercenaries. The lasted 2 weeks and here our some major events to come out of The Field War. After 2 weeks of war the Republic of Surdam had won against the mercenaries and peace was held at New Wyoming.

In 2019, Pluto Rockets (Surdam's space program) launched the rocket riptide and the mission was a successful.

In 2020 a battle between Republic of Surdam and Field natives, the battle of Basketball court was only fought for a few hours and Surdam won.

In 2020 new land was claimed by the pacific ocean and the Pacific Territory was born. Mrs Surdam was elected in 2021 to be Vice President.

On Saturday, May 8, 2021 The Great Stair Case and Lake Land are discovered.

Foreign Affairs

  • Empire of Fitticus
  • Military State of Keplar 186f
  • The Empire of Kapreburg

Military and space program

The Surdam military consists of 6 soldiers. N: 3 navel vessels. AF: 2 drones and one kite(Army, Navy, and Air Force). Do to the space program, Surdam is now cable of making missiles, one missile has been made so far and more will be made. Most military gear and men are in New Wyoming, transport vehicle/tanks are mostly trucks. Navel vessels are cannons and flotation devices. The ships names are:

  • SNS Blue Jay
  • SNS Pound
  • SNS Bay Liner
Pluto Rockets second rocket Saturn 5
Pluto Rockets first rocket Riptide

The Surdamian space program (Pluto Rockets) has launched 2 rockets 1 was only launched once and the other (riptide) was launched twice.