Republic of Surdam

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Republic of Surdam
Flag of Surdam
Seal of Surdam of Surdam
Seal of Surdam
Motto: "Never go down without a fight."
Anthem: "Freedom for all!"
and largest city
Jackson City
Official languagesEnglish
Recognised regional languagesFrench
GovernmentRepresentative democracy
R. Surdam
Lane Surdam
• First Vice President
J. Surdam
• Second Vice President
A. Surdam
LegislatureSurdamian Government Council
Independence from the United States
• Representative democracy government established
17 July 2017
• 2023 census
GDP (nominal)estimate
• Total
1,000 Surdamian Marks (860 USD)
CurrencySurdamian mark (RSM)
Date formatmm-dd-yyyy
Driving sideright
IMSO 1 codeSDM

The Republic of Surdam, more often referred to simply as Surdam, is a micronation mostly located in US state of Wyoming. Surdam was founded on 17 July 2017, establishing the republic that is known today. Surdam has two presidents and two vice Presidents running the nation with many governors and mayors across states and towns. Surdam has a population of 30+ and uses the stable Surdamian mark as its currency. Surdam is a relatively agricultural and somewhat isolated nation, how ever this has not stoped the nation from being a regional power and hold important positions in international organizations. The country's official language is English, with Spanish as a secondary official language. French and Chinese are recognized regional languages, and are the least spoken within the country. The five largest cities in Surdam are Jackson City, Little Rapids City, Palms Beach, Horse Town, and Creek City. Jackson City is the official capital of Surdam and the most populous.


The name Surdam comes from Dutch roots.


Early Days

On 17 July 2017, Lane Surdam and R. Surdam declared Surdam an independent nation separate from the United States. This officially established the Republic of Surdam starting the young nation that will grow for years to come. Following the declaration R. Surdam said, "This nation is going be a glorious land where the people's freedom will never be taken away!". Following this, Lane Surdam began putting in place little details such as appointing the Blue Jay as the national bird and the Surdamian mark as the currency. Lane Surdam designated Jackson City to be the Republic of Surdam's capital as that was were the nation was founded. An election was held on July 17, and R. Surdam and Lane Surdam were elected as the Presidents.

Age of Expansion

New Wyoming was established on 15 May 2018 after claiming new territory in southern Wyoming. This started the ongoing idea in Surdam that Surdam is destined to control all neighboring nations near New Wyoming, known as the Surdamian destiny. A few months after the founding of New Wyoming, The Field War broke out on June 1, 2018 between the Republic of Surdam and a group of mercenaries know as the 01 Mercenaries and the Field Natives. After 2 weeks of fighting the Republic of Surdam had prevailed against the Mercenaries and the Natives, peace negotiations were conducted in New Wyoming. After the victory Surdam annexed the southern half of the valley. The rocket Riptide was launched by the Surdamian Space Agency in 2019 as the Surdam's first space mission, and the mission was a success. In 2020 tensions were rising in the Trench River Valley after Surdam had just claimed all of it and started to settle it. The Field Natives were a group of people native to the Trench River Valley, they despised Surdam and ambushed a Surdamian Infantry Unit at a basketball court inside the valley. The Battle of Basketball Court was won by the Surdamian after this attack in 2020, the battle lasted around thirty minutes to an hour.

2nd President Surdam by Fort Teton in the summer of 2022

Age of Progressing

The Pacific Territory was established on 10 August 2020 when President Caldwell claimed land by the Pacific for Surdam, this made Surdam have sea access and grow its navy. On February 1, 2021 the current flag of Surdam was adopted and replaced the old one. The SPK (Surdamian Peace Keepers) was established to help with the safety of Surdam's residents and lock up criminals. The Great Stair Case and Lake Lane were discovered on 8 May 2021, these were very interesting archaeological and geological finds for the nation. Surdam's first national park, Lake Beau National Park, was established on 7 July 2021. Surdam declared war on the Grand Republic of Kapreburg on Sunday on 11 July 8:00 p.m. MDT, following the invasion of a Kapreburg land. The 1st Infantry Regiment was mobilized and guarded the Kapresh territory of Clarkville from any rebels wanting to invade it. Surdam formally withdrew from the Kapresh Civil War on 27 July seeing how it was not a war for Surdam to carry on and that Clarkville had no threat. Surdamian Peoples Management was founded on 17 August 2021 with the goal of providing jobs to residents mainly with mining and maintenance.

Age of Development

Horse Town and Rose Creek formally joined the Republic of Surdam the same day on 19 September 2021 as the two newest states of Surdam. The national railway company for Surdam, Union Blue was created on 26 September 2021 to assist in the delivery of people and freight across Surdam. Around January 2021 the Surdamian Government Council approved plans to develop sustainable energy for the country, the project approved of hydropower, wind power, and solar power to all be used in the future, with hydropower being the most likely option. Surdam established its second national park, Small Rock Island National Park, on 8 March 2022. A demilitarized zone was established on the border between the Republic of Surdam and the Rose Kingdom on 6 April. On 17 June 2022, 6:30 pm, the Republic of Surdam invaded Kalibi starting the Pine Tree War. After a month of fighting, the war ended with Surdam winning the Pine Tree War against Kalibi on 12 August 2022.

Age of Isolation

On 14 August, Little Field was annexed as a territory, following just a week later the Snake River Territory was annexed. On 2 September 2022, Surdam founded the Rocky Mountain Trade Alliance (RMTA) this was done to make trade easier and better in Surdam's sphere of influence. On 10 November 2022 the Sloan Lake Territory was annexed giving Surdam naval access to one of the largest lakes near it. On 28 November, due to the recent 2022 eruption of Mauna Loa, 2nd President Surdam ordered a high alert for the sate of the Pacific Territory, and citizens were being told incase the lava flows towards the state, where to go. The high alert officially stopped on 13 December 2022 after the eruption died down. On 8 December 2022, the Bureau of Geology Archeology and Paleontology or BGAP was created to be in charge of all geological, archeological, and paleontological affairs in Surdam. On 5 January 2023 the Centennial Summit was held between Surdam and Soshallia. The meeting saw the signing of two treaties between the nations the first being a treaty officially ratifying a military alliance between the nations, and the second was the splitting of the Centennial Hill Territory between the two nations. This caused the founding and annexation of the West Centennial Hill Territory on the same day. On 14 January 2023 Surdam's national airline, Surdamian Airlines, was founded. On 3 February 2023 Surdam News was replaced with the organization NSBC. On 9 February 2023, the Trench River League was founded as a national and international basketball league in Surdam.

Age of Liberty

On 11 April 2023 Surdam signed an official military alliance with the Great Council of Kalibi, this is an important event because it ended the five year old rivalry between the two nations. On the 12th of April, 2023 the Constitution of Surdam was signed and put into action by President Caldwell, this was for Surdam because after 5.7 years of having no constitution and just running government loosely, Surdam's government has been structured. On the 13th of April the Surdamian Military flag was updated to look better and have better symbolism. On 15 April 2023 a bill was passed by the Surdamian Government Council to create the Surdamian Civil Defense and it also approved plans for the Union Blue to expand it's tracks in New Wyoming. Also on the 15th, the Three Flags Boat Company (TFBC) launched the flag ship of their 'Pacific Fleet', the SS Pluto. On May 25, SS Pluto was scrapped due to some problems while sailing and two capsizing events. On July 9, 2023 a steam ship and also the largest ship ever built for Surdam has been put to the dry docks for construction. Its name is the SNS Surdam. On July 17, 2023, Jackson I was enacted as Director of the Bureau of Foreign Affairs. On August 31st, 2023, the First Expeditionary Force was founded in the Pacific Territory. On September 11th, 2023, 2nd President Surdam officially changed the designs of the flags for the states of Horse Town and Rose Creek for a better look and feel.

Moose in Jackson City
A forest in the Snake River Territory with the Tetons behind it.

End of the Republic

Nearing the end of 2023, the Republic began to become inactive. A new constitution was in the works, but 2nd President Surdam looked at the nation he had built and this government and the democracy he tried to uphold. Seeing how the current government was failing he decided to bring Surdam into a new era of unity, empire, and freedom. On December 20th, 2023, at 6:20 PM, the Republic of Surdam was officially transformed into the Empire of Surdam. The Surdam Government Council has been dissolved and Lane I took power over Surdam declaring himself Emperor with the support of the populous.

Politics and government

The governing type of the Republic of Surdam is a Representative democracy. R. Surdam is the current 1st President as he and holds total absolute power over Surdam. Lane Surdam is the 2nd President and he almost holds absolute power over Surdam.

There are two Vice Presidents as well, Vice Presidents are appointed by the Presidents. Vice Presidents help Presidents make decisions and other things. States will elect a Governor and a Mayor when the public demands an election, Governors are in charge of states and Mayors help with watching over all settlements in the town.

Surdam has a legislature to make sure the people's voices are heard in government. Each state and major government wing currently has one representative in the Surdamian Government Council, representatives do the voting for propositions presented to the council.

Political parties are banned in Surdam, this is do to political parties going against the Constitution of Surdam. This is done to prevent any political strife within the nation to keep stability and cooperation at the high at all times.


Surdam's economy is a capitalist economy with many businesses sprawling within the country. Surdam's main industries are based on farming, fishing, and lumber making Surdam a more agricultural country. Surdam's official currency is the Surdamian mark, when the Surdamian Mark was made it was equivalent to around 0.75 cents in USD but due to US inflation, 1 Surdamian Mark is worth roughly around 0.91 US cents.

National Parks

Lake Beau National Park was established on 7 July 2021. It is Surdam's first national park, and it was established in honour of Beau (A great dog). The Tetons may be seen from Lake Beau National Park. Small Rock Island National Park was established on 8 March 2022, and it is Surdam's second national park, with beautiful beaches.

Military and Space Program

The Surdamian Military consists of 11 troops, four naval ships, two drones, and one glider. The Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marines are the four branches of the Surdamian military. Each branch has received extensive training in combat tactics, outdoor survival, and other topics. Surdam's military is the country's primary defense force, and it will go to any length to safeguard the homeland. The military is a big within the Surdamian culture with around 1/3 of citizens being in it, the military is a very big source of pride for the nation.

The Surdamian flag flying over Small Rock Island
SSA first rocket Riptide

Surdam's official space program is the Surdamian Space Agency (SSA), has launched several rockets. The headquarters of the SSA are in New Wyoming. It has lately established an astronomy branch and an observatory in the Pacific.

States of Surdam

Flag Info Name Population Representative Incorporated
Jackson City was the first state Surdam ever had, it is also where the capitol is. Jackson City 9 R. Surdam 2017
New Wyoming is the largest state in all of Surdam. It is also where the most busiest airport in Surdam is located. New Wyoming 9 Lane Surdam 2018
Pacific Territory is the only state in Surdam with ocean access. One of the larger navel

bases in Surdam is located here, and it is the only state with territory still in it's name.

Pacific Territory 7 D. Surdam 2020
Horse Town is a state in the union. Horse Town is home to the largest horse reservers in Surdam. Horse Town 5 P. King 2021
Rose Creek is the most eastern part of Surdam and has a creek running through it, Rose Creek. Rose Creek 5 J. Surdam

Territories of Surdam

Flag Info Name Population Representative Incorporated
Snake River Territory is a territory on the snake river, near Jackson City. Snake River Territory 0 B. Bush 2022
Little Field is a territory gained during the Pine Tree War, and it is by New Wyoming. Little Field 0 B. Bush
Sloan Lake Territory is a large territory on Sloan Lake, and it is by New Wyoming. Sloan Lake Territory 0 B. Bush
West Centennial Hill Territory is a large territory with a tall hill, and it is by New Wyoming. West Centennial Hill Territory 0 B. Bush 2023


  • Jackson City is the capitol and most populated city in Surdam.
  • Horse Town is a small town located in Surdam that is a city state.
  • Little Rapids City the capital city of New Wyoming.
  • Fort Trench a town in New Wyoming.
  • Trench River Town a town in New Wyoming.
  • Palms Beach the capital city of the Pacific Territory.
  • Creek City the capital city of Rose Creek.

Geography and climate

Surdam's land claims in the NorthWest and Midwest are prone to blizzards and snow in the winter, as well as scorching summers. Northwestern and Midwestern states such as Jackson City, New Wyoming, and Rose Creek usually have rivers flowing in the Summer, such as Little Fox River, Rose Creek, and the Trench River. The Pacific Territory has one season all year (summer) and tropical storms every now and then.

Climate data for Jackson City, Surdam
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Average high °F (°C) 24
Average low °F (°C) 6
[citation needed]


Annual Citizen Count
2017 6—    
2018 10+66.7%
2019 15+50.0%
2020 19+26.7%
2021 29+52.6%
2022 31+6.9%
2023 35+12.9%
Reflects end-of-year count

Surdamian Culture

Surdamian culture is a primarily western culture, with influences from multiple sources. The Surdam government often exercises nation-building, which is usually accepted by the Surdam people.


In Surdam, the official language is English, and minority languages include Spanish, French, and Chinese. Due to Spanish being increasingly spoken in all states of Surdam, this has led many Surdamians and the Surdamian Government to adopt Spanish as an official language. French and Chinese are spoken by few individuals however these languages are considered regional languages.


Date Name Notes
January 6 Teddy Day Celebrations honoring one of the best American leaders, Theodore Roosevelt.
January 10 Cody day Celebrations honoring the ultimate entertainer, Buffalo Bill (William F. Cody).
First Sunday after the full Moon that occurs on or after the spring equinox Easter Celebrating Resurrection of Christ; festivities
June 15 Remembrance day The memorial day to remember soldiers who fought for and are serving Surdam.
July 17 Independence Day The day Surdam became independent. Military parades, a flag raising ceremony, and the President gives a speech all happen on July 17.
Fourth Thursday of November Thanksgiving Giving thanks, prayer, feasting, and spending time with family.
December 25 Christmas Celebrating the birth of Jesus; festivities


There are many types of arts in Surdam. The most popular art is definitely painting with many painters inside the nation and great pieces of Surdamian art being made. Another large art is music with many musicians in the nation too, genres expand from Classical to Country to Rap. Cinema is popular too with some Surdamian films being hits within the nation.


Within Surdam, many different sports are played and watched. The sport most commonly watched is football, usually football games sanctioned by the NFL. However basketball is another very popular sport within Surdam.

National symbols

Symbol Name Image
Flag of Surdam Official flag of the Republic of Surdam, the green on the flag represents the grass plains of Surdam, the blue stands for Lakes and rivers, and the white stands for snowcapped mountains.
Seal Great Seal of the Republic of Surdam
National Animal Grizzly bear
National anthem Freedom for all!

National motto "Never go down without a fight."
National Bird Blue jay
National tree Lodgepole pine

Government Bureaus and Branches

The Republic of Surdam has many government bureaus and branches, this could range from a police force to geology. Surdam's police force and intelligence agency, the SPK or the Surdamian Peace Keepers, is mostly employed to gather information on criminals. The SPM, or Surdamian Peoples Management was established to provide work for Surdam's residents. The SPM helps repair and manage most of Surdam's airports, mines, and other services. The Bureau of Finances (BF) runs all national banks within Surdam and prints banknotes for the nation. The Surdamian Space Agency is the national space agency (More info in Military and space program). The BGAP is in control of all geology, archeology, and paleontology affairs in Surdam, BGAP has studied and protected numerous artifacts, rock samples, and fossils that has contributed to the history of Surdam. The Bureau of Foreign Affairs is in control of all foreign affairs of Surdam and is in charge of diplomacy.

Government Companies

There are many companies within in Surdam, some are national and others are private. Surdam's nation railroad company, Union Blue (UB) controls all of Surdam's railroads and trains. UB helps move cargo and passengers around the states. Surdam's national airline, Surdamian Airlines (SA) helps keep Surdam connected by flight. The airline has flights run across the nation for people, and help ship some cargo as well.

The national bird of Surdam, the Blue Jay
The national animal of Surdam, the Grizzly bear (Photo taken in Jackson City)

Foreign policy

Surdam is open to diplomacy to most nations, but Surdam no longer will establish any new alliances with nations outside the Rocky Mountains (with some exceptions). Surdam has a zero tolerance for any communist nations, Surdam will not work with or set up any diplomacy with communist nations. If you wish to establish communication with the nation of Surdam, you may contact the government via email.

Foreign relations

Surdam has official relations with these nations:

Surdam has unofficial relations with these nations:

Surdam recognizes these nations but has no relations:

Formerly recognized, now defunct:

Participance in organizations

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