Elias Rafael Rivera Guerra

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Elias Rafael Rivera Guerra is the General of the Luxe's Army and a parliamentary member of the government.

Elias Rafael Rivera Guerra
Established 17 March 2019
Country Luxe.jpg Repubblica democratica di Luxe
Campaign Forze armate Luxesi
War and Battles La guerra degli 11 minuti
Complete Title General of all the army
General information
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Elias Rafael Rivera Guerra

Preceded by luca mirante

Preceded by none

Born Trento, Italy
Nationality Italian
Political party Partito Democratico Forza Luxe
Other political
Spouse(s) none
Children none
Residence Trento, Italy
Military service
Allegiance Luxe.jpg Repubblica democratica di Luxe
Service/branch Fanteria Leggera, Esercito Luxese
Years of service 2018-present
Rank General
Awards General