Parliament of Luxe

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Parliament of the Republic of Luxe

Parlamento della Repubblica di Luxe
Luxeflag.svg 4th government Luxeflag.svg
Term limits
1 year
Founded2018 (2018)
Preceded byNational Council
President of the Parliament
Minister of Internal Affairs
Alessandro Bertotti, Partito Democratico Forza Luxe
Parlamento Luxese 4.png
Political groups
Last election
Next election
General Elections 2021
Meeting place

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The Parliament of Luxe it's the main body of the Politic of the Repubblica democratica di Luxe.


The first form of the government was the oligarchy, and the president was the cape of the state. The first party founded in Luxe it's the Partito Democratico Forza Luxe (in origin "Luxexe Crescexe"). After, Alessia Mazzurana was the first politician of Luxe because she had founded the Partito Fino Alla Luce that now is deafeted. After, many people have founded parties and have formed coalitions.

The First Government

The first government had 3 seats for the 3 important role of the state: the president, the prime minister and the national secretary. Partito Democratico Forza Luxe, Partito Fino Alla Luce and Partito Sakura were in the government.

The second Government

After the Elezioni ministeriali 2018bis di Luxe, Giulia Benedetti became the Prime minister of the Republic and the Partito Fino Alla Luce was defeated. The government was for 2/3 of Sakura and the relationship was ok. Samuele Cheli, new citizens of Luxe, have founded the Partito Comunista Luxese and it joined in the parliament. After the Cheli's exit from Luxe, the party had lost all members. Few months later, Filippo Abramov had ricreate the party and, in the Luxe 2019 Parliamentary Elections the party has got 3 seats.

The 3rd Government

The 3rd government was born for the Coalization of Forza Luxe whit Partito Comunista Luxese. But Filippo Abramov, for fault of the events caused by Cheli and Valente, decided to change the name of the Party in Partito Social-Democratico.

The 4th government

After the Parliamentarty elections Luxe 2020, the Fl lost a seat and PSD taked another: 4-4. The Rimini and the Coda del Gatto have 1 seat pro one. There is no coalization possible now, and it's impossible. The parliament change style and every action is registred by the government. From this year, is active the Bank of the parliament.