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IF YOU ARE SEARCHING THE STATE, GO TO Repubblica democratica di Luxe

Luxe è una città creata da Luca mirante, nonchè fondatore e suo attuale sindaco.

Luxe è la capitale della repubblica democratica di Luxe

Città di Luxe

MottoLex et Vita
Tipo di SuddivisioneCittà
SindacoLuca mirante
GovernatoreLuca mirante
IstituzioneGiugno 2009
Area0,000105 km²
Densità0.09523809523 ab./km
Nome degli AbitantiLuxesi



Luxe was founded in 2009 by Luca mirante in his room; after many years at Luxe shops, offices, ministries, parks, sports fields were opened ... It was a city state. Initially it was considered a municipality in Trentino Alto Adige and operated several hamlets in its home. Among the many, the only one still maintained is Bussolino, as Vicolo was incorporated on 01/01/08 2018 by Luxe. in 2014 it became the legitimate capital of Stato oligarchico di Luxe and then of Repubblica democratica di Luxe. To distinguish it from the state, it is called Luxe City (Luxe city). Now the city has 2 hamlets (Bussolino and Entra Mira) and is part of the Governatorato di Luxe. It is also the only territory to be officially independent.

Capital of

Over the years, thanks to the Luxe government, it has gained a leading position at national and international level and hosts the following offices:

Name Logo Since President
Parliament of Luxe 2015 Filippo Abramov
Ministero della Difesa Blasone Esercito Luxese.svg 2016 Vacant
OMU Omu.jpg 2018 Vacant
FSL (Federazione Sportiva Luxese]] 2012 Luca Mirante
Ambasciata di Astana 2018 Andrea Maria Grassidonio
Server generale social network ed internet 2015 None
U.M.S. Ums2.jpg 2011 Luca Mirante