Partito Social-Democratico

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The Partito Social Democratico is one of the most important party in Luxe, and it's one of the two party of the First Coalization of Luxe.

Partito Social Democratico
en: Social democracy party
LeaderFilippo Abramov
Founded25 August 2019
HeadquartersVia Matteotti, Trento, Italy
Youth wingnone
IdeologySocial Democracy
National affiliationFirst Coalition of Luxe
International affiliationnone
Official coloursBlue
Parliament of Luxe
4 / 10


After the crisis with the Partito Comunista Luxese, Filippo Abramov founded a new party with the right ideology: the Partito Social-Democratico. With it, in 2019 he governed with another 3 parliamentary in a Coalization with the Partito Democratico Forza Luxe. It's one of the most important parties in the Democratic Republic of Luxe because they created and approved the Penal Code. Now in 2020, the party is in the list for the Parliamentary Elections of Luxe 2020.